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32 partners, 29 countries, global availability & automated reporting

Tackling embodied carbon on a Planetary scale

32 partners, 29 countries, global availability & automated reporting: tackling embodied carbon on a Planetary scale

With new features, more national partners and global availability, One Click LCA Planetary can help everyone, everywhere, to address embodied carbon in construction.
17 September 2020 – Helsinki, Finland

As the construction sector pledges to #actonclimate as part of World Green Building Week 2020, One Click LCA Planetary announces new features and partners – as well as global availability – to help them do just that. With embodied carbon in construction responsible for 11% of all global greenhouse emissions, the need to take action in this area is urgent.

One Click LCA Planetary is the first free global platform to help designers, builders, investors and regulators to assess, report and reduce the embodied carbon impacts of their buildings or portfolios. Users can calculate and benchmark cradle-to-gate impacts, choose sustainable materials, and request environmental performance data directly from product manufacturers.

Automated reports for clearer results

Communicating impact is a critical part of inspiring action. From this week, One Click LCA Planetary users can export and download a PDF report of the embodied carbon impacts of their project. The report cover page includes a visualisation, showing impacts in kilos of CO2 per m2, CO2 in tons and also the social cost of carbon – non-economic impacts on the environment and human health.
To make the results even more tangible, the report also shows real-world equivalents, such as the equal number of return flights from the UK to Australia, new cars and even the number of loads of laundry.

One Click LCA Planetary results report cover page

One Click LCA Planetary results report clearly shows the global warming potential of your material types, as well as the specific materials that contribute the most embodied carbon for your design. This allows you to identify opportunities for optimizing your materials selection so you can identify and specify the most sustainable materials and products for procurement.

GWP by material type and building part

It also helps you to pinpoint hotspots in the elements of your building design where the greatest potential for carbon savings may be. In this example graph we can easily identify foundations and substructure as the building part with the most emissions, and pre-cast concrete being the material contributing the lion’s share of those emissions.

Greater collaboration

It takes global collaboration to effectively tackle a planet-wide problem. Planetary’s network of partners – global green building leaders from every continent – is core to our approach. Planetary Partners help to raise awareness of embodied carbon with their members and engage with investors and cities to set carbon disclosure requirements as we continue our mission for greener building.
After launching in May 2020 with 19 partners in 16 countries, the Planetary network has grown to 32 partners in 29 countries. Our latest partners include the national green building councils of Kuwait, Colombia, Serbia, Paraguay, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Vietnam and the UK.

Global availability

Planetary was previously only available in countries with partners. Today, with a goal of accelerating action on embodied carbon, we are making the platform available everywhere, even in countries with no Planetary partner. In these countries, a standard global database will be available, rather than the customised local data available in partner countries.

One Click Planetary webinars 

Three Planetary webinars are taking place during World Green Building Week 2020, Monday – Friday, 21-25 September.

1. Monday 21st September
8:15am CST (4:15pm CEST)

In collaboration with GBC Costa Rica, we are offering an introductory webinar for our new partners in Latin America (with some Spanish content). Find out more here: Introduction to One Click Planetary (Spanish)
2. Tuesday 22nd September
14:00pm CEST

We’re also running an Introduction to One Click LCA Planetary session to welcome our many new national partners in Europe and MENA. Find out more and register for a place here: Introduction to One Click LCA Planetary
3. Friday 25th September
14:00pm CEST

For those who have already attended an introduction or have Planetary experience, we’re running a session on how to optimize for embodied carbon.
Register here: Optimizing Carbon with One Click LCA Planetary