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LEED-compliant Life Cycle Assessment software

One Click LCA for US users

One Click LCA: Automated, LEED-compliant LCA software


 One Click LCA, already firmly established in Europe and Canada, automates LCA calculations from BIM, QTOs or energy models, and complies with LEED v4 and 20+ other certifications.

Helsinki, Finland – Cloud-based construction software supplier One Click LCA Ltd (précédemment Bionova Ltd)today announced the North American launch of One Click LCA, an easy-to-use cloud-based software solution that automatically calculates life-cycle assessment (LCA) directly from building information models (BIM) or other design data, ensuring compliance with LEED 2009 and v4, among more than 20 other building certification systems and standards, according to One Click LCA Ltd CEO Panu Pasanen.

“One Click LCA does all the hard work for architects and construction professionals,” Pasanen said. “In just one click, the materials data from a Revit model, a quantity take-off Excel or an energy model are transformed to a standards-compliant assessment. The LCA results are ready to ship in less than an hour.”

Whole-building LCA is worth three points and an optional exemplary point under LEED v4 (BD+C). In most of Canada, where One Click LCA is already in use, projects will also earn a regional priority point from LCA. However, LCA can be a complex and arduous task. Employing an intuitive web interface, One Click LCA was designed to make the process easy and efficient, requiring only an upload of a project’s bill of materials into the cloud service. The results are then calculated and formatted according to the requirements for LEED LCA credits.

The software uses the materials data to speed up analyses for LEED v4’s other materials credits, enabling a streamlined process yielding up to four additional points. The cloud service also allows for quick and easy variation of the designs to identify solutions achieving best performance, and enables bringing the whole design team to the same page using the sharing capabilities.

Besides achieving LEED credits, the LCA itself provides a quantification of a project’s carbon footprint and other impacts in an objective and reliable way, resulting in increased credibility and knowledge to make design and materials decisions, while saving time and money in the process.

The One Click LCA software has a dedicated LCA-for-LEED module that ensures full compliancy with all LEED requirements in the U.S., Canada and international projects. It is third party certified for compliancy with ISO LCA standards.

The cloud-based software contains the most comprehensive North American Environmental Product Declaration database, providing users with the most accurate LCA results as well as assurance of meeting all LEED requirements. The entire U.S. dataset has been verified in a 10-point process and complies with ISO 14044 and applies the TRACI characterization factors.

Import data from your BIM, Excel-file, Energy Model or Bill-of-materials to get a standards-based des standards in just minutes. Get more certification credits easily and design greener buildings the smart way.

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