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Life Cycle Assessment software for HQE

LCA made easy for French users

Life Cycle Assessment software for HQE


We are proud to release support for LCA for HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) as well as for transport emissions optimization for HQE in One Click LCA, the leading LCA software for construction. The tool supports both French and International versions of the HQE. The software is available in French, English, German and Finnish and complies with EN 15978, EN 15804 as well as the Règles d’application pour l’évaluation environnementale des bâtiments neufs.

For users both in France and International, the software supports the credits 2.3.2. Choisir les produits de construction pour limiter leur contribution aux impacts environnementaux de l’ouvrage, et 2.3.3. Utiliser des matériaux et des produits permettant un approvisionnement de chantier le moins polluant en CO2. For HQE International residential projects, the software supports the credit 2.2. Environmental quality of the materials, products and equipment used.

The solution saves time, money and guarantees quality results, as the software provides a locked template for HQE users, ensuring that the user can only make choices in conformance with the requirements.

If you work with BREEAM, we’re pleased to inform you that One Click LCA guarantees you the highest possible credits, 6+exemplary, for BREEAM’s Mat 01 with it’s verified maximum score of 100%.

One Click LCA is also compliant with Energie Carbone and BBCA, read more ici.

Join a free webinar or ask for a quote for your project at hello@oneclicklca.com!

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