LCA BIM requirements and Model Checker

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LCA BIM requirements and Model Checker

Buildings cause 35 % of global carbon emissions during their life time. Therefore, long-term sustainability requires measuring and improving the life-cycle performance of buildings – be it via materials, construction or energy use. The decisions that define the emissions for the next 50 to 100 years are mainly taken in the design phase. Thus, it is vital that designers are able to understand the impacts of their decisions.

The development of building information modeling (BIM) has a huge potential in providing timely information about the building lifetime emissions. As the information of the building design is in electric form it can be linked directly to LCA calculations. Tools like One Click LCA can already link the modeling information directly to building life cycle emissions and give the designers access to immediate feedback on the emissions.

However, not all of the models are equal. The modelling practices still vary greatly between areas, purposes of the model, and even between individuals who have created the model. This may have implications on the usability model for LCA and reliability of the results.

Co-operation project to define the modelling requirements and to give automated feedback

In this project we have taken up this challenge and aim to create a set of modelling requirements the design teams can use to ensure their model’s suitability for life cycle assessment. Additionally, the modelling requirements will be developed further to an automated Model Checker tool, which designers can use to test their model’s suitability for LCA and  get immediate feedback if something needs to be corrected.

The project steps and schedule

The project will follow these steps:

  • Testing current models and defining the minimum requirement for the modelling practices (November 2017 – February 2018)
  • Creating the Model Checker –tool prototype (January – April 2018)
  • Piloting the requirements and Model Checker tool in pilot projects (April –June 2018)

Read the results of the study

Read our findings in this guide on How to deliver a Building Information Model for LCA automation and How to ensure the quality of BIM-based building sustainability performance with Model Checker.

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Learn how to implement Life cycle assessment methodology

Understand your LCA results and gain maximum practical value for your project.

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