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How to achieve building LCA and EPD credits for BREEAM UK NC 2018


3.5 hours

Starting at €720

Niveau: débutant / intermédiaire

Anglais, Français

Other languages possible, subject to availability.

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for building specialists: architects, engineers, green building consultants etc

What you'll learn

✔ Learn how to achieve LCA and EPD credits for BREEAM NC 2018.
✔ Gain a comprehensive breakdown of the BREEAM credits; how to deliver them and report results.
✔ Understand how to leverage One Click LCA, the highest rated software for BREEAM assessments.

Content overview

  • Importance of embodied carbon and how to achieve BREEAM NC 2018 material credits.
  • What are the requirements of the BREEAM 2018 NC Mat 01 credit.
  • How to create options for superstructure, substructure and building services as well as benchmark.
  • How to use EPDs to achieve Mat 02 credit.
  • How to import the results to BRE’s Mat 01/02 tool and option appraisals.

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3.5 hours training

3.5 hours live online training


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Training materials are provided in English.
Les supports de formation sont fournis pour l'usage personnel des participants uniquement. Leur distribution ou utilisation ultérieure est interdite.

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