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Highest rated LCA software for BREEAM

Get BREEAM credits easily

Get full 6 credits for BREEAM with One Click LCA


One Click LCA, the easy to use LCA software for construction, has now been officially approved by BRE with the highest ever verified maximum potential Mat 01 score of 97,5 %, which achieves all 6 credits and an Exemplary level innovation credit. The same applies also for BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-Out 2015 Mat 01 credit.

The score enables users to get full 6 credits by doing a building-level LCA on their project with just the key components of the building for their BREEAM International 2013 projects. One Click LCA exceeds the previous highest maximum potential score by 14,5 %, and ensures both higher credits and more effective LCA process, as secondary building elements may be left outside the scope of evaluation.

One Click LCA can deliver several credits in BREEAM International 2013, RFO 2015 and other BREEAM schemes, with specialized, easy to use calculation tools for:

  • Mat 01 Life-cycle impacts,
  • Man 05 Life cycle cost and service life planning (Man 12 – Life Cycle Cost Analysis in other BREEAM schemes),
  • Man 03 Construction site impacts,
  • Ene 04 Low and zero carbon technologies (not applicable for other BREEAM schemes), and additionally
  • In BREEAM Sweden and BREEAM Europe Commercial 2009, you can get the Mat 02 Hard Landscaping and Boundary Protection credit as well.

One Click LCA is also officially approved as an LCA tool for several other BREEAM schemes, including BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-Out 2015, BREEAM-NOR, BREEAM Sweden, BREEAM Europe Commercial 2009 and BREEAM International Bespoke 2010, and it can be used to achieve LCA credits in LEED as well.

Join one of our free webinars or ask for a quote for your project at hello@oneclicklca.com!

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