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Environmental Product Declaration for insulation materials

EPDs help prove your product's sustainability

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European EPD for Ekovilla

Ekovilla manufactures environmentally friendly insulation materials from recycled paper. Ekovilla wanted to prove their leadership and product sustainability, and gave us an assignment to calculate an Environmental Product Declaration that is matching the latest European standards. The EPD cover all impact categories provided by the standard and is valid for five years throughout Europe.

European standardisation organisation CEN has published construction sector sustainability assessment standards that help construction materials manufacturers and other actors to measure and develop environmental impacts of their products. The construction product standard EN 15804 provides an uniform, comparable manner of assessing and reporting the sustainability of construction products.

For more information about Ekovilla: www.ekovilla.com. One Click LCA is a cloud-based sustainability software, which can be tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a building professional, a manufacturer, a city council or a hotel owner — our platform will help you achieve your CSR and sustainability goals.

Lire our guide on EPDs, join one of our free webinars, or ask for a quote for your project at hello@oneclicklca.com!

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