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Embodied Carbon Benchmarks for European Buildings


The research aims to provide high quality, European embodied carbon benchmark data supporting policy creation publicly and freely available to various regulators and private organisations seeking to establish corporate policies that require pan-European information.

The Embodied Carbon Benchmarks for European buildings research provides benchmark data for European buildings including Northern Europe, Western Europe and Eastern Europe, and five main building types: commercial, educational, industrial, office and residential multifamily.

The dataset, containing 3737 European buildings, is consistently calculated in line with EN 15978:2011 and Level(s) methodologies for life-cycle phases A1-A4, B4-B5 and C1-C4. The dataset used for this research has been carefully screened, and the retained sample used in creating these results consists of 3737 actual European buildings for the five building types considered. The retained sample is obtained by screening a total dataset of over 15 000 building LCA projects to retain only projects with consistent minimum scope and plausibility.

This research was prepared by One Click LCA, an independent firm of construction carbon specialists operating globally out of Finland. 

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