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Energy Globe Award Winner Finland 2018

One Click LCA is the winner of the Energy Globe Award in Finland

“This year’s Energy Globe Award National Winner in Finland has developed a Life Cycle Assessment tool that helps architects and builders to calculate their carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of their building project. This project presents a plausible technology that helps to enhance and speed up the Life Cycle Assessment of a building project. Congratulations on your initiative!”


Energy Globe Award Finland Jury

One Click LCA has been selected as the winner of the Energy Globe Award for Finland. The Energy Globe Award, also called the World Awards for Sustainability or Nature’s Nobel Prize, is an annual prize granted by the Energy Globe Foundation to extraordinary sustainable projects. 

La Energy Globe Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neuman, and organizes various initiatives to promote sustainability worldwide, including an online portal on energy efficiency, youth programs, a discussion forum on sustainability, and much more.

The Energy Globe Award was established in 1999 and is the world’s most prestigious environmental award: it is awarded annually to projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies, and the conservation of resources. With more than 180 countries and 6000 projects submitted for consideration, we are very proud to have been chosen as the winners for Finland in 2018.

The award takes into consideration what solution the project offers to a sustainability problem and why it is innovative.

One Click LCA makes the measuring of environmental impacts, including carbon footprint, in the built environment easier and faster than ever before. The software allows users to calculate the Analyse de Cycle de Vie et Analyse de Coût Global of their building in just a few minutes by importing data that they already have, such as the bill of materials in an Excel or BIM model. This tool helps architects, designers, consultants, and builders to have a real-time overview of the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of their building project and to implement design changes to improve energy efficiency, carbon footprint, and overall sustainability over the whole lifetime of the building.

Life Cycle Assessments used to take days, if not weeks, which meant that very few companies and consultants were performing the prerequisite Life Cycle Assessment calculations. As a consequence, buildings were built without paying much attention to the carbon emissions of the project over its whole lifetime. Most companies did not use scientific methodology but relied on vague eco-friendly labels and instant fixes.

Thanks to One Click LCA, users can calculate their Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment in just a few minutes. This enables construction specialists worldwide to calculate the Life Cycle Assessment of their buildings in a time and cost-efficient way, and as a result, design greener building.

There are a lot of innovative components in One Click LCA: cutting-edge automation technology, allowing users to import their data with just one click, the biggest LCA database on the market, constantly updated by our engineers, visual graphs and charts explaining the impacts to users in an easy to understand and shareable way,

Moreover, One Click LCA is compliant with more than 30 Green Building certification schemes and is used by companies, governmental institutions, students, and universities to automate the LCA and LCC calculations and achieve real sustainability,

One Click LCA is developed by One Click LCA Ltd (formerly Bionova Ltd) who is also responsible for many publications, white papers, trainings, and projects focusing on promoting the sustainability of the construction industry.

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Dr. Albrecht Zimburg, the Austrian Commercial Counsellor and Head of Advantage Austria, and Päivi Halme-Määttä, Project Manager at the Austrian Embassy, came to visit our office to deliver the Energy Award.