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New Release: Early Phase Carbon Model for UK and Ireland

Carbon Designer has new UK region that also simplifies BREEAM UK optioneering

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Le Carbon Designer has new region model for UK and Ireland

Current Part L compliant (2013 with 2016 amendments) early phase building model for UK users has now been released in Carbon Designer. This can be used by all users with Carbon Designer add-on who are using either the RICS carbon assessment tool or the LCA for BREEAM UK tool.

The UK model is closer to typical Irish buildings than the European reference building, therefore it is recommended to be used also for baselines in Ireland. For the Irish users, it is available with the locally applicable calculation tools. This includes Home Performance Index, LEED and BREEAM International.

The model allows easy compliance with BREEAM UK Mat 01’s Option appraisal for superstructure during Concept Design and supports also optioneering in Technical Design phase. The model includes a range of external wall options that are Part L compliant, as well as elements that can be used for the Substructure and hard landscaping options appraisal credit.

Carbon Designer will soon also be updated with more building services data, with introduction of Ventilation and Heat distribution to complement the Electricity distribution. For BREEAM UK users, these will provide baseline solutions for the Core building services options appraisal during Concept Design. Building services, as all other materials, are automatically calculated for the entire building assessment period, including their required replacements.


Carbon Designer creates the building matching the specific scope of analysis you need.

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