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Automate Whole Building LCA and get 10+ LEED credits

One Click LCA helps you automate Whole Building LCA and achieve maximum LEED credits. Compatible with LEED v4, v4.1, and v3.

Get LEED Credits In 4 Steps

Everything you need to perform Whole Building LCA according to LEED’s requirements.

Create baseline designs in minutes

Create baseline design by importing BIM, BEM models or manually input data.

Automate Whole Building LCA

Perform life cycle assessment of the project’s structure and enclosure. Analyze results for hotspots in structural elements and material types.

Demonstrate reduction

Quickly create design alternatives. Optimize and achieve 5%, 10% or 20% reduction across different impact categories.

Deliver report with ready-to-use templates

Download visualized LCA results (graphs, tables). Use our fool-proof template for submission.

Comply with all LEED Schemes

One Click LCA supports all LEED schemes. Click on the certification scheme to see the maximum credits you can get.

Why Choose One Click LCA for LEED


One Click LCA integrates with all your favourite design software including Revit, Tekla, IES, DesignBuilder that allows you to import data and get LCA results in minutes.

Bases de données

All LCA data complies with ISO 14044, as required by LEED. We provide a LEED-specific application for North American and European LEED users.


One Click LCA software complies with the LEED V4, v4.1, and v3 requirements for LCA software, as set out in the LEED Reference Guide. It supports all required impact categories.

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