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LEED Case Study: Zoo Atlanta Savanna Hall and Exhibit

See how Epsten Group used One Click LCA for their LEED project

Zoo Atlanta Savanna Hall and Exhibit

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  • Investor: Zoo Atlanta
  • Type: Renovation
  • Certification: LEED
  • One Click LCA Expert: Epsten Group
  • One Click LCA used for: Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment

One Click LCA was used by Epsten Group to calculate the Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment of Atlanta Zoo’s newly renovated event space Savanna Hall as part of LEED certification.

Epsten Group looked at various LCA software products while they were considering how to conduct their Whole Building LCAs. While considering One Click LCA, they were struck by how much easier it was to use than other LCA software products on the market, while still providing high-quality data. They thought that, although the database includes a significant number of products, it is easy to search and compare products within the software. Additionally, the software can produce an output that is easily translated into documentation for LEED and other green building certifications.

This current project is spearheading a new service offering for the company, and they have begun to sell this offering to several more projects as a result. In the words of Lauren M. Wallace, Director of Certifications and Consulting:

“We are looking forward to using One Click LCA as we grow this division of the company.”

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