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Carbon neutrality for the Finnish construction industry

Read our carbon footprint roadmap

One Click LCA Ltd (formerly Bionova) has developed a carbon footprint road map for Finland’s Ministry of Environment


The project aims to deliver a solid starting point for further national regulation and the development of official guidelines for Construction industry in Finland.

The Ministry of Environment in Finland announced the creation of a low-carbon road map for the Construction industry. One Click LCA Ltd, world-recognized experts on Life Cycle Assessment and carbon neutrality, has developed the roadmap. 

Finland’s Ministry of Environment announced the creation of a low-carbon road map for buildings and building materials. Following the trend of other European countries (e.g. France, Netherlands and Belgium), Finland is now laying out a roadmap to regulate the carbon in the construction industry. The roadmap will also include required measures to ready the industry prior to the introduction of regulations. Alongside with the road map, the Ministry of Environment is writing a set of guidelines for public construction projects to pave the way for the low-carbon procedures in the industry

The roadmap has been published on 30.06.2017, you can read it here (in Finnish). It details how to reduce the carbon footprint of building materials and the construction industry in general, with the goal of regulating buildings’ emissions via legislation by mid 2020s.

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