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Building Life Cycle Assessment Article

Discover a reliable way to assess the environmental impacts


About the authors

Tytti Bruce-Hyrkäs

Tytti Bruce-Hyrkäs (MSc.) is a building LCA expert with personal experience from over 100 building and infrastructure LCAs.


Panu Pasanen

Panu Pasanen (MSc.) is a building LCA expert with 15 years of practical LCA experience, training experts in LCA worldwide.


Rodrigo Castro

Rodrigo Castro (PhD) has a doctorate in Building Life Cycle Assessment and years of practical LCA experience.


About Bionova

Bionova Ltd. is a house full of life-cycle performance experts who developed One Click LCA, the leading Building Life Cycle Assessment software for Green Building credits and Ecodesign.

We also deliver professional services and participate in global efforts to support governments, businesses, and institutions worldwide in the field of building sustainability.

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This paper is based on 41 survey responses and 110 interviews conducted between 2016 and 2017

Why should you read this comprehensive Building Life Cycle Assessment article?

You will discover…

Advantages and challenges of performing LCA

Discover the LCA hacks you might need on the road

Life Cycle Costing benefits

Life Cycle Metrics for financial sustainability

The potential of BIM integration for LCA and LCC

What are the benefits of BIM integration for LCA and LCC calculations

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