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Pavilion C3 and C4 Post EXPO Case Study

See how One Click LCA was used to achieve LCA credits in BREEAM Refurbishment project

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Project: Pavilion C3 and C4 Post EXPO

Astana, Kazakhstan

  • Investor: IT Engineering SA, LLC
  • Tenants: Financial and academic institutions, commercial companies
  • Type: Administrative and corporate
  • Certification: BREEAM International Rénovation de bâtiments non résidentiels 2015
  • One Click LCA Expert: Buro Ecoseven, LLC
  • One Click LCA used for: BREEAM International RFO 2015 Man 02 Life cycle cost and service life planning and Mat 01 Environmental Impact of materials

Project aimed reconstruction and refurbishment of the International Pavilions initially designed to host International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition is one of the key projects of Kazakhstan and POST-EXPO activities targeted reconstruction and refurbishment in compliance with the best internationally recognized practices and standards. New POST-EXPO premises are being refurbished and reconstructed to invite the top-rank business, academic and financial institutions.

Project Team Experience

With the use of One Click LCA tool, we managed to introduce the life cycle thinking into a systematic holistic approach. The tool helped us clearly define environmental goals in advance and interpret results into potential impacts on the environment. Since LCA provided a detailed breakdown of the main contributors (materials, energy sources, life cycle stage, etc.) to key environmental impacts, project owners could target investments more effectively and informed. Significant attention has been paid to the local manufacturers and providers of the material supply chains.

One Click LCA assessment tools contributed to cost savings through more efficient use of resources, and by identifying alternative processes that lowered overall project costs.

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