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BREEAM LCA software

LCA credits for BREEAM International

One Click LCA officially approved as an LCA tool for BREEAM


We are pleased to announce that One Click LCA, the easy to use LCA software for construction, has now been officially approved by BRE as a compliant LCA tool for BREEAM Europe Commercial 2009 and BREEAM International Bespoke 2010. The approval means that with aforementioned BREEAM schemes users can apply for LCA-based credits in their projects. The credits in question are requirements given with issue Mat 1 (Option 2).

Additionally, One Click LCA can be used to deliver LCA credits for BREEAM-SE and BREEAM-NOR as well as for LEED certification projects globally. For LEED v4, it can be used to deliver MRc: Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction credits, and for LEED New Construction v3/v2009 ((BD+C)) the pilot credit MRpc63.

One Click LCA can deliver several credits in the BREEAM schemes including

  • Man 02 Coût du cycle de vie et planification de la durée de vie ; y compris le coût du cycle de vie élémentaire (2 crédits) et le coût du cycle de vie au niveau des composants (1 crédit).
  • Man 03 Pratiques de construction responsables ; surveillance des impacts du chantier de construction (2 crédits)
  • Man 05 Suivi (1 crédit); évaluation post-occupation + crédit exemplaire*.
  • Mat 01 Impacts du cycle de vie ; 5 crédits + exemplaire + crédit EPD
  • Mat 03 Approvisionnement responsable en produits de construction (jusqu'à 3 crédits)*.
  • Wst 05 Adaptation au changement climatique (1 crédit + exemplaire)
    *Included in summer 2016 product release

For BREEAM UK users our IMPACT-compliant LCA tool delivers the exemplary credits from Mat 01.

For international BREEAM users, the platform is approved for BREEAM SE, NOR and ES. In BREEAM International 2013, also the Ene 04 Low and zero carbon technologies credit applies.

Read more about the credits we support for BREEAM schemes ici.

Do you work with multiple certifications? No worries, our tools have been officially approved also for LEED, DGNB, HQE and others. Read more info cliquez ici.

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