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We’ve changed our name

Bionova Ltd has officially changed our name to align with our flagship product.

From now on, just call us One Click LCA

Notice to users, clients, partners and suppliers, 1 July 2021 

Bionova Ltd has changed its business name to One Click LCA Ltd. The name change is aligning the business name with the name of our flagship product, One Click LCA, which is the world-leading buildings and construction products LCA software platform and our registered trademark. We are also updating our email addresses and software platform domain names to align with the change.

The company is celebrating 20 years at the end of 2021 and the One Click LCA platform is also now a decade on the market, making it the most proven and established cloud-based LCA software.

Clients and suppliers are requested to take note of the following updates:

Company name One Click LCA Ltd
Sales point of contact sales@oneclicklca.com
Invoicing point of contact invoices@oneclicklca.com
Business emails form


Former email addresses remain working for a period of one year

Service clientèle

One Click LCA Help Centre is available online 24/7

Support can also be reached at support@oneclicklca.com

Company website www.oneclicklca.com/fr/
Login to the software https://oneclicklcaapp.com/app/
General service terms www.oneclicklca.com/service-terms

All the changes take effect on 1 July 2021. All other details, including company registration and tax numbers, address and billing details remain unchanged. Details for subsidiaries are unchanged.

There is no need to sign new contracts or initiate new supplier approval processes as the legal entity remains unchanged. However, we will issue all new invoices as One Click LCA Ltd and we recommend updating your supplier records as required.

Former email addresses and URLs will remain working for a transition period of one year.

Users using One Click LCA via BIM plugins may have domain names embedded in the plugins. Such users can use the plugins with the embedded domain name until a new plugin version is issued.

Newsletters and other updates will be sent using the new email addresses. This may require adjusting your approved email sender settings. For a short transition period, some of the automated notifications may still be sent using the old email addresses. 

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