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Building Life Cycle Assessment software for carbon assessments and sustainable building certifications

Choose and compare sustainable materials from One Click LCA’s extensive database, make quick design comparisons, and identify hotspots to earn certification credits

Building LCA made easy

Everything you need to perform carbon assessments and achieve green building certifications in Belgium

Early design quick baseline carbon assessments

Generate quick and easy baseline buildings and measure their carbon footprint before you even start drawing.

Automate with BIM integrations

Perform quick and easy whole building LCA, demonstrate a reduction in carbon footprint, and deliver reports tailored to your certification schemes.

Identify hotspots

Find the most contributing elements and materials at a quick glance.

Benchmark your building

Benchmark your project’s embodied carbon with more than thousands of buildings.

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Advanced eco-design features

Go a step further and get powerful eco-design features to optimize structural and material impacts

Extensive material choices

Get access to generic material data, EPDs across Europe, manufacturer-specific data, and add your own private data to perform quick calculations

Easy material comparisons

Compare the environmental impacts of construction materials/products easily and choose the most sustainable and cost-efficient option for your project

Quick design comparisons

Create several designs to compare options and optimize impacts


Architects and Engineers

Sustainability Consultants

Promoteurs immobiliers

We make compliance easy for you

With One Click LCA, you can get results tailored to the certifications and regulation you pursue

BREEAM International

  • Earn up to 15 credits
  • High-quality whole building LCA and LCC
  • Early-stage carbon assessments
  • Reports tailored for BREEAM credits

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Levels & EU Taxonomy

  • LCAs for the EU Taxonomy reporting
  • Complies with Levels and EN15978
  • Create easy and quick baseline designs
  • Automated whole building LCA
  • Quick and easy design comparisons

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  • Earn ENV1.1. Life Cycle Impact Assessment and ENV1.1 and 2.1. LCA Primary Energy credits
  • Applies to DGNB International

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French Regulation RE2020 & HQE

  • Compliant with RE2020 french regulation, E+C- and HQE certifications
  • Access to the INIES database for France
  • Import environmental data from BETie, DE-Bois, SAVE, Environnement IB or PepinBio etc.
  • Automate import of material quantities

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Get the right plan for you

One Click LCA offers different subscription plans for Belgium. Choose a plan that’s right for you and select any add-ons to help you go even further

What makes us different?

User-friendly software

One Click LCA is the #1 easy and automated web-based life cycle assessment software that is easy to navigate even for beginners. It is helpful for single users as well as teams who wish to design low-carbon projects and achieve certification credits.

One Click LCA’s extensive global database

One Click LCA integrates data from nearly all of the available EPD platforms around the globe including B-EPD (Belgium), INIES (France), IBU (Germany), and all other European and global product EPDs. EPDs in the One Click LCA database include detailed technical descriptions about building products and comply with EN 15804 and/or ISO 14025 standards.

BIM and BEM Software Integrations

Import BIM and BEM models to One Click LCA or use plugins to optimize within your design software. One Click LCA supports integrations with design data from Revit, Excel, Tekla, and 15+ integrations.

Service clientèle

One Click LCA experts offer you training et support in Dutch, French, and English to make the process easier for you. We always deliver expert customer support for you, and you can hold us accountable for our customer promises.

What do our customer say about us?

“One Click LCA has the advantage of being both comprehensive… and easy-to-use… In addition, One Click LCA provides excellent customer support.”

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Quelles données sont disponibles dans One Click LCA?
One Click LCA contains more than 100k+ data points and integrates data from nearly all of the EPD platforms around the globe. The platform also contains EPD data that is not published under any of the listed databases. For a full overview of the databases available in One Click LCA, please visit this link.
Which BIM integrations does the tool support?
BIM integrations are available with any licence from Business and higher. The supported integrations are, amongst others, Revit, Rhino + Grasshopper, Tekla +Structures, Trimble Connect, IES-VE, Designer Builder, Excel, and more.
How many BREEAM credits can I achieve with One Click LCA?
Verified by the BRE it is the best rated software which allows achieving up to 15 credits in BREEAM international certification scheme using One Click LCA. Read more about it cliquez ici.
I have a project in France, how can I perform regulatory RE2020 LCA calculations?
One Click LCA RE2020 and E+C- modules allow performing calculation to the French Building Regulation with access to the INIES database. Read more about it ici.
What other functions are available in the software in addition to Life-Cycle Assessment?
For building design, we support Life-Cycle Costing, greener material tracking, site tracking, and climate resiliency, among others. You can also track your results and the emissions and material flow during the use phase of the building. Additionally, we have solutions for building material LCA and EN 15804-compliant EPDs, as well as infrastructure assessment for roads, railways, airports, and more.
What are the life cycle stages supported by One Click LCA?
One Click LCA supports calculations of all life cycle stages from Cradle to Grave as defined in EN 15978, including construction products and processes in A1-A5, building use, maintenance, energy, and water consumption in B1-B7, end-of-life impacts in C1-C4, and external impacts in module D.

However, in most of our tools that are targeted for whole building LCA for different certifications and calculation schemes, the amount of the life cycle stages available is restricted to match the requirement of the scheme in question.

Which LCA standards does One Click LCA support for whole building LCA?
Our whole building life cycle assessment tools for European markets are based on the EN 15978 standard. The EN 15978 standard is in line with the ISO 14040/44 standard, which means that any EN standard based tools are also compliant with ISO 14040/44.

Our whole building life cycle assessment tools for North American markets are compliant with ISO 14040/44.

The tool is also third-party verified for EN 15978, ISO 21931–1, ISO 21929–1, and for input data for ISO 14040/44 and EN 15804 standards. Please find the verification report ici.

How can I know which materials have the highest impacts?
We have a tool that shows the contribution of all the individual structures and materials and highlights those with higher emissions. This enables you to easily locate the components with the highest emissions.
Do I need EPDs for all the materials to be able to calculate an LCA?
When calculating a Life-Cycle Assessment you should always choose the best quality data available, which means that, if the material manufacturer you are planning to work with has product EPDs available following your calculation standard, you should use them. However, this might not be possible in all cases. If you are in an early design stage you may not yet know which manufacturer you are going to choose. When no exact information is available, you should use the second best option, which may mean similar products from another manufacturer, product category level EPD, or average LCA data for the product in question.

One Click LCA provides both an extensive database of EPDs and average data for the products. We also offer more detailed guidance to our clients to help them choose the most relevant datasets.

Do you have any more questions?
Follow this link for more information on LCA.

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