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One Click LCA for Products

Explore One Click LCA product level tools that help you deliver EPDs, perform product’s carbon assessment, and design sustainable products. Choose a tool below to learn more.

Product Carbon Tool

A simpler way to showcase your product’s sustainability.

The One Click LCA Product Carbon Tool helps you calculate the carbon footprint (Global Warming Potential) of a product in compliance with ISO 14040 and 14044 and EN 15804.

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Pre-verified EPD Generator

Create, verify and publish EPDs in just a matter of weeks, at a much lower cost.

One Click LCA Pre-verified EPD Generator is an automated and affordable tool for developing Environmental Product Declarations that comply with ISOs 14040, 14044, 14067, 21930 and 14025, and EN 15804+A1 and EN 15804 +A2. 

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Flexible EPD Tool

Take control of your EPD creation and publishing.

The One Click LCA Flexible EPD Tool helps experienced professionals create EPDs and LCAs for any product categories, including categories that do not have their own Product Category Rules, with complete control over Program Operator, and third-party verifier.

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What is an EPD and why do I need one?

EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. It is an externally verified and standardized description of the environmental profile of your product. Increasingly demanded by certifications, investors and green building professionals an EPD can be used to power other sustainable design tools, such as a Building Life Cycle Assessment.

An EPD enables you to transparently communicate your product’s environmental profile to your customers. It will give you the ‘big picture’ – overview of your product potential – from-cradle-to grave.

Compiling an EPD will also help you identify various eco-design hotspots in your product design and help you make more sustainable decisions to win even more customers. 


Not sure where to start?

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