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Meet your Embodied Carbon Reduction goals for Living Building Challenge & Zero Carbon Certification

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Use advanced analytics for your Carbon Reduction Narrative

Achieve your Energy + Carbon Reduction Imperative

Access the most comprehensive global material database of construction materials

Calculate the embodied carbon of your building anywhere in the world with One Click LCA. 

The software complies with Embodied Carbon Reduction targets for Living Building Challenge (LBC) & Zero Carbon Certification.

Meet your Embodied Carbon Targets In 3 Steps


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Design climate-positive buildings

Account and reduce embodied carbon of your building’s primary materials. Create and compare multiple alternatives, and show reduction against established benchmark values.


Get Embodied Carbon reports for LBC & Zero Carbon

Download analysis of embodied carbon reduction results in graphical and tabular form for effective reporting and submission.

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Why Choose One Click LCA For LBC & Zero Carbon?

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Yksinkertainen navigointi. Latausta tai asennusta ei vaadita

One Click LCA delivered the maximal 6+1 credits for BREEAM LCA. The software is really easy to use and does not require special expertise. I am happy to recommend it. Riina Salomaa

Project Engineer, Optiplan Oy, Finland

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Tuo tiedot automaattisesti Excelistä, Revitistä, IFC:stä, IDA-ICE:stä ja laske ympäristövaikutukset minuuteissa.

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One Click LCA has thousands of EPDs in its database, in addition to generic materials and a localization mechanism to ensure compliant results.


Italia — BREEAM

European Commission Joint research centre

Puola — BREEAM

IKEA Convenience Center


Port Karolina — budova B (Skanska)

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