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North American construction materials LCA database

Materials for your LEED projects

One Click LCA comes with an integrated North American EPD database


We have an extensive LCA database that includes all major North American construction materials databases and EPDs, in addition to generic materials. The database allows LEED and other certification systems users to calculate their projects’ environmental performance with the same ease of use but with even more representative local datasets. One Click LCA also supports TRACI 2.1, the environmental impact assessment method developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

Our database conforms to ISO 14025, 14040, 14044, and EN 15804 tai ISO 21930 and has at least a cradle to gate scope.

As with all of our data, the North American dataset consists of EPDs and has undergone a rigorous ten-point detailed technical verification of each Environmental Product Declaration to ensure comparability and full compliance with 14044 and other standards the EPD claims to fulfill. Only datasets passing each step of the verification are made available in the database. The verification ensures, among other things, that all data has homogeneous system boundaries, life-cycle stages, cut-off rules, and allocation applied and is also plausible considering other available data.

Users are also welcome to send additional EPDs they need to for detailed verification and adding in the database for their projects.

Now our LEED users have two great applications, a TRACI-based one for North American projects and a CML-based one for projects anywhere else. Both methodologies are approved for LEED, and allow achieving the LEED  credits.

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