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Get up to 30 credits in  BREEAM NOR v6.0 using One Click LCA software

Perform early phase carbon assessments, target maximum GHG reductions, choose sustainable construction products and perform circularity assessments to achieve maximum BREEAM NOR credits.

Get maximum credits with BRE approved BREEAM NOR calculator


One Click LCA is compliant with the latest version of BREEAM NOR (BREEAM-NOR v6.0 for nybygg). You can find the verification certificate täällä.

The EU taxonomy and BREEAM NOR


Assessments can use BREEAM-NOR v6.0 to show compliance with the EU taxonomy requirement regardless of rating. Assessments that meet the minimum requirements for rating Excellent will have met the technical levels, set out in the EU Taxonomy in Annex 1.

Please refer to the BREEAM NOR v6.0 manual for further details.

BREEAM NOR compliance made easy

Achieve as many as 30 BREEAM NOR v6.0 credits and perform LCA and LCC assessments in every phase of the project

Perform pre-assessments and early phase carbon assessments

  • Create early phase assessments for BREEAM NOR and reference buildings for BREEAM 2016.
  • Estimate embodied carbon with just building type and area.
  • Set goals and analyse how much reduction is possible during the pre-assessment stage.

Map emission reduction potential for your projects


  • Compare scenarios in all phases of the project.
  • Achieve credits for various LCA and LCC assessments required by BREEAM NOR.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from activities associated with the construction site.

Select EPDs and datasets relevant to your assessment


  • Meet the performance requirements for construction products by choosing EPDs from the largest LCA database in the world
  • Use EPDs, compliant with EN 15804:2012+A2:2019 to earn Mat 02 credits.
  • Set targets for material efficiency to earn Mat 06 credits.

Perform Circularity assessments


  • Map circularity of your project and assess its reuse potential at end of life.
  • Design for disassembly and functional adaptability.
  • Show compliance with FutureBuilt criteria set for circular buildings to earn exemplary credit.

How many BREEAM NOR credits can you achieve with One Click LCA?

With One Click LCA, you can achieve a total of 30 credits listed below

Credits Credit details Relevant tool
Man 01: Project brief and design

Climate gas calculation for the whole building life cycle


Total: 1 credit

-Climate gas calculation for the whole building life cycle (1 credit) One Click LCA Carbon designer 3 D

One Click LCA Building LCA tool

Man 02: Life cycle cost and service life planning


Total: 3 credits 

– Elemental life cycle cost (LCC) and capital cost reporting (2 credits)

– Component level life options appraisal(1 credit)

Credits for each one of the two parts must be awarded independently of one another.

One Click LCA Life Cycle Costing tool

  • ISO 15686-5:2017
  • NS 3454:2013
Man 03: Responsible construction practices 


Total:  4 credits

-Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from activities associated with the construction site (up to 3 credits)

Exemplary level credit: Reduction of direct emissions from construction sites(1 credit)

One Click LCA Building LCA tool

Ene 01: The energy performance of the building


Total: 2 credit

-Low and zero carbon technologies(1 credit)

 –Adaptation to EU taxonomy – (1 credit)

One Click LCA Building LCA tool

Tra 01: Transport assessment and travel plan


Total: 1 credit

-Travel plan emissions evaluation(1 credit) One Click LCA Building LCA tool

Mat 01: Environmental impacts from construction products – LCA and greenhouse gas calculations


Total: 6 credits (5+1 exemplary credit)

This issue is split into four parts:

– Prerequisite: early-stage greenhouse gas calculation (no credits)

– Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions(up to 3 credits)

– Exemplary level: 60% reduction of greenhouse gas emission(1 credit)

– Life cycle assessment of the building(up to 2 credits)

-Exemplary level: 60% reduction of greenhouse gas emission (1 credit)

One Click LCA building LCA tool
Mat 02: Environmental impacts from construction products – Product requirements


Total: 1 credit 

This issue is split into three parts:

– Prerequisite: Absence of environmental toxins (no credit)

– EPD for construction products (1 credit)

One Click LCA building LCA tool

One Click LCA EPD generator

Mat 06: Material efficiency and reuse


Total: 4 (3+1 ) exemplary credits 

This issue is split into four parts:

– Mapping for component reuse and implementation (1 credit)

– Material efficiency (1 credit)

– Reuse of external building components(1 credit)

– Exemplary level criteria:(1 credit)

One Click LCA building circularity tool
Mat 07: Design for disassembly and adaptability


Total: 3 credits 

This issue is split into three parts:

– Resource inventory(1 credit)

– Design for disassembly and functional adaptability recommendations(1 credit)

– Disassembly and functional adaptability – implementation(1 credit)

One Click LCA building circularity tool
Wst 01: Construction site resource management


Total: 5 credits 

-Waste sorting, reuse, and recycling(up to 2 credits)

-Amount of waste – 2+1 (exemplary) credits

One Click LCA building LCA

One Click LCA building circularity tool


BREEAM NOR 2016 credits vs BREEAM NOR 0.6v credits offered by One Click LCA



BREEAM scheme Credit potential Mat 01 Mat 02 Mat 03 Mat 05 Mat 06 Man 02 Man 03 Wst 05 Ene 04
BREEAM NOR NC 2016 14 7 4 2 1

BREEAM scheme Credit potential Man 01 Man 02 Man 03 Tra 01 Mat 01 Mat 02 Mat 06 Mat 07 Wst 01 Ene 01
BREEAM NOR 0.6v 30 1 3 4 1 6 1 4 3 5 2

Asiantuntijoiden luottama ympäri maailmaa

One Click LCA er medlem av Grønn byggallianse

Why choose One Click LCA for BREEAM NOR?

Quick pre-assessment with Carbon designer 3D


Using carbon designer 3D, you can create reference buildings and estimate the embodied carbon with just building type and size.


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Access to global and European database


One Click LCA database contains more than 130k datapoints and integrates data from all of the available EPD platforms around the globe including Norway.


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Seamless data import


One Click LCA supports integrations with data from Revit, Excel, Tekla, Solibri, Archicad and more than 15 other integrations.


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Advanced customer support and training


One Click LCA experts offer training and support in Norwegian and English to make the process easier for you.


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How does it work?

One Click LCA software tools that help you to achieve effortless compliance with BREEAM NOR certification

What users have said about us?

Statsbygg er forpliktet til å redusere den norske regjeringens klimafotavtrykk gjennom våre prosjekter. Vi er veldig glade for å ha funnet en profesjonell og brukervennlig programvare på markedet som lett kan tilpasses våre behov. Vi ser frem til å ta i bruk en forbedret løsning som vil bringe våre nåværende klimagassberegninger til neste nivå.
Les mer om det her.
Harald Nikolaisen

Director General, Statsbygg

One Click LCA is the main tool we use for our embodied carbon assessments. The tool provides a range of add-ons, which make it suitable for both high-level and detailed assessments, as well as for BREEAM compliant life cycle studies.
Maria Voukia

Senior Sustainability Consultant, Ramboll, United Kingdom

The software allows us to efficiently perform LCA and LCC analyses related to the life cycle of a building and achieve points in the BREEAM and LEED certifications.
Justyna Chmielewska

Head of sustainability and a senior sustainability advisor, Gleeds Polska

Usein kysytyt kysymykset

How do I get access to the BREEAM NOR tool?
Choose a suitable plan to perform building LCA and BREEAM is available as an add-on to the plan. One Click LCA’s annual subscription plans can be found täällä.
Is Carbon designer compliant for generating reference building?
If you are documenting LCA for BREEAM 2016 – The Carbon designer 2d generated reference building is still valid. But if you are looking to comply with BREEAM v0.6, you have to follow benchmarks mentioned in the BREEAM v6.0 manual and use carbon designer 2D/3D  for early phase assessment and scenario comparison.
Is training offered for BREEAM NOR analysis?
We offer training, support, software customization, and selective consulting services in the area of life cycle assessment and life cycle costing. You can read more about the training here.
What type of data can be used for BREEAM analysis?
One Click LCA contains 130 000+ data points and integrates data from nearly all of the available EPD platforms around the globe. The platform also contains EPD data that is not published under any of the listed databases. For a full overview of the databases available in One Click LCA, please visit this link.

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