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Sustainable policies

We have substantial experience working international bodies, national governments, agencies, provincial and local governments on regulatory and policy sustainability issues. Besides understanding in depth the public decision making framework, we also know how to craft effective policy and achieve cost-efficient and durable improvement.

We can help with regulatory development, voluntary certification, Green Public Procurement, public competitive procedures to zoning regulations. With our support, life-cycle and environmental efficiency drive the market to deliver effective solutions and allows decision making in a predictable, reliable, and indisputable manner.

We also complement our services offering with solutions based on software tools to allow science- and standards-based benchmarking of proposals in different competitive settings. With objective, transparent facts and full comparability both participants and the organizer trust the outcome of the competition and are able to invest in developing the very best possible proposals.

LCA-asiantuntijamme antavat lisätietoja ja luovat sopivan ratkaisun organisaatiollesi.

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