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Overview of differences between and One Click LCA Norge NS 3720 tool

Differences between and One Click LCA Norge NS 3720


One Click LCA Norge replaces the This introduces several changes, including changes in the calculation methodology, calculation data as well as general capabilities. This is an overview of the main differences, especially relating to the methodological differences between (KGR) and the One Click LCA Norge module for NS 3720:2018 Metode for klimagassberegninger for bygninger.


What stays the same

The entire energy calculation and reference building methodologies remain essentially similar. Large portions of background data for transport stay the same. The solution generates reference buildings according to the Norwegian requirements, the transport profiles are based on RVU datasets, energy calculations are based on Norwegian regulations, and data classification is based on Norwegian standards. The tool is also compliant with BREEAM NOR and is available in Norwegian language. Training and support materials are also made available in Norwegian, while advanced guidance materials are available in English language. Customer support can be contacted in Norwegian. Further down in this document you can also find details on the reference buildings.

Overview of differences in the calculation methods

As a general rule, any carbon emissions accounted with the One Click LCA Norge NS 3720 will be higher than with This is due to both changes in emission factors to be life-cycle based and compliant with the required standards, as well as changes in accounting methodology and scope. Below table outlines the most essential calculation method differences. For the avoidance of doubt: the change in emission factor basis is strictly based on requirements of the NS 3720 standard, which in turn requires data compliant with the valid version of EN 15804, which happens to be EN 15804:2013+A1. This standard sets requirement for emission factors that are fully implemented in One Click LCA Norge. Compliance with this requirement is verified by an accredited body.

Parameter One Click LCA Norge NS 3720
Calculation method Based on NS 3720 standard (itself based on EN 15978) Proprietary method
Calculation scope Based on NS 3720 standard; always holistic building view Different modules, which may be combined as desirable
Emission factors Always life-cycle based, CML IA 4.1. compliant as per EN 15804+A1, as CO2 equivalent (as required by NS 3720) Mix of direct emissions and life-cycle-based factors, may have some carbon only factors
Calculation database Generic materials and process database and nearly all Norwegian and European EPDs Limited database; EPDs can be added by end user
Supported energy norms TEK10, TEK17 and updated passive house standards TEK10 and then valid passive house standards
Accounted impacts Non-biogenic carbon, biogenic carbon and land use changes (LULUC) impacts separately Overall carbon impacts
Materials calculation Life-cycle based, accounting transport, construction, use phase and end of life handling (‘cradle to grave’) Material manufacturing only (‘cradle to gate’)
Reference building method Structural materials use is based on geometry of building and on structural engineering Structural materials demand is simplified with fixed values, scaled according to number of floors.
Transport calculation method Based on NS 3720, allows adjusting different user groups transport parameters separately Based on KGR documentation, transport distances divided by two, some parameters (e.g. transport of goods) not adjustable separately
The screenshot below shows One Click LCA’s NS 3720 results report.

Differences to expect in project results between One Click LCA Norge NS 3720 and KGR


At a project level, the following table provides an indicative level of differences to expect if the same project is accounted for using One Click LCA Norge with same data and results compared to KGR.

Emissions source Order of magnitude for difference to expect
A1-A3 Materials (manufacturing only) Broadly comparable. Due to updates in emission factors, changes of +/- 20 % are possible. If more systems, e.g. energy producing systems are added, the scope is different and the emissions will be higher.
A-D Materials (over the life-cycle, A-B-C-D) Results over the life-cycle will be higher. This is because materials may be replaced, and transportation, losses, repairs and end of life processing will occur and influence calculations.
B6 Operational energy use Results will be in almost all cases clearly higher, as all emission factors are life-cycle based, thus bringing into scope of calculations emissions other than direct combustion emissions, e.g. from losses, infrastructure and processes. Further, for proper accounting for including e.g. solar cells or other systems, the corresponding products need to be added in the materials module (where they will generate emissions).
B8 Operational transport Results will be in most cases clearly higher. This is explained partly due to changes in methodology, wherein KGR transport distances were divided by two. Also, the impact factors are likely higher in many cases as they base on different life-cycle inventory. Transport settings are fully visible and user controllable in the One Click LCA Norge which allows adjusting and understanding the specific drivers for all transport impacts.
See the screenshot below for One Click LCA’s transport data editing.

Other differences between solutions


Methodological differences between the solutions are not the only difference; the solutions have furthermore a range of differences in features and capabilities. This is a high-level overview of the main differences, more details can be found at One Click LCA product package pages.

Parameter One Click LCA Norge NS 3720
Type of software Commercial software; available for 50+ countries, with continuous updates Non-commercial software; discontinued end of 2018
Modules NS 3720 (which in itself includes entire scope of new building project), BREEAM-NOR LCA, BREEAM-compliant LCC, CEEQUAL-compliant LCA, site selection module and dozens of other modules Modules for different parts of the building and building processes; planning, construction and in use.
License types Starter, Business, Expert Same for all users
BREEAM NOR compliance Yes for all of Mat 01 and several other modules – maximum 14 BREEAM credits For BREEAM Mat 01 carbon calculations only
Database content Generic databases and EPDs from dozens of programs, well over 10 000 datapoints. Possible to have private data. Generic database, user updateable
Integraatiot Integrations to IFC, Excel, Revit and other software tools IFC import tool