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One Click LCA Interior Design Carbon Tool

A tool to cut the carbon of interior design and tenant fit-outs for interior designers and architects.

It’s time to focus on the embodied carbon of interiors

Buildings last for decades, but tenant improvements are done every few years. Interior refurbishment can generate over 50 kg of embodied carbon per square meter and may add up to much more embodied carbon over the lifetime of the building than the structure and enclosure.

Life-cycle design and carbon optimization can identify the lowest carbon solutions and products and quantify and make the case for supporting environmentally conscious design decisions. However, regular building LCA tools are of no use as they do not contain data for interior materials.

Introducing the One Click LCA Interior Design Carbon Tool

Empower design teams and consultants to quantify and reduce carbon impacts for interior fit-outs, tenant improvement and refurbishment projects.

Calculate the carbon impact of design options

Identify products with a demonstrably lower carbon footprint

Quantify the carbon reduction achieved by reusing materials

Implement a systematic carbon assessment as part of your climate strategy

Provide transparency of interior project impacts for corporate greenhouse gas reporting programs

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Interior designers

Real estate and workspace consultants

Interior manufacturers or suppliers

Access 20,000+ interior materials datasets

One Click LCA Interior Design Carbon Tool includes all interior-relevant materials from One Click LCA and is extended with additional interior-specific data. The tool includes a global database of over 20,000 datasets, including:


1700+ materials datasets

Doors, partition walls and openings

1000+ materials datasets

Gypsum-based materials

1600+ materials datasets

Furniture profiles

400+ materials datasets

Paints and coatings

900+ materials datasets

Lighting, sanitary ware and other interior systems

900+ materials datasets

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How do I get access to the One Click LCA Interior Design Carbon Tool?
The One Click LCA Interior Design Carbon tool is available now as an lisäosana for any commercial One Click LCA subscription.

It can also be purchased separately.

Ota yhteyttä varataksesi demon tai saadaksesi tarjouksen.

Mikä on arvioinnin laajuus?
Upfront carbon, that is, life-cycle modules A1-A5, comprising materials demand, wastage and materials transport.
Mitä vaikutusluokkia voidaan raportoida?
Global Warming Potential, with biogenic carbon storage reported separately.
What can be modelled in the assessment?
New and reused/reclaimed materials and comparing materials with specific transport and wastage parameters.

This tool does not contain potential future replacements for the interiors, as the assumption is that new tenant could have different requirements and thus choose different design and materials.

Onko se yhteensopiva muiden työkalujen kanssa?
The One Click LCA Interior Design Carbon tool works seamlessly with all One Click LCA’s whole-building LCA tools, regulatory carbon tools and in particular with the Building Circularity tool, which provides a complementary perspective on circularity.

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One Click LCA Interior Design Carbon


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