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One Click LCA is now IMPACT- compliant, boosts BREEAM projects

One Click LCA ® is approved as IMPACT-compliant by BRE.

One Click LCA is now IMPACT compliant

One Click LCA is approved as IMPACT-compliant by BRE. One Click LCA is an easy to use software to measure and optimize a project’s life-cycle cost, life-cycle assessment, or embodied carbon. These BREEAM credits become now attractive to projects with automation the software enables.

One Click LCA is a fully automated software for performing life-cycle cost (LCC) and life-cycle assessment (LCA) analyses. It takes the input data from the sources available in the design team, such as Revit or other BIM models, costing spreadsheets or energy models and transforms those into an LCA automatically. The software is approved by BRE as IMPACT-compliant and can be used in BREEAM, Home Quality Mark, CEEQUAL, PAS 2080 and other projects in the UK and worldwide.

One Click LCA allows non-experts to complete an LCA for a building in less than an hour using an effortless automated process, or the user-friendly web interface. This empowers project teams to make choices with confidence, and get best possibly results without costly studies for each option.

“One Click LCA allows optimizing project’s embodied carbon, life-cycle carbon and life-cycle cost. At the same time it can deliver up to 19 BREEAM credits”, says Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA Ltd, the Helsinki, Finland based company developing One Click LCA. “One Click LCA is particularly valuable for refurbishment projects which can earn 6+1 Mat 01 credits and substitute Green Guide. The software allows users to get IMPACT-compliant assessments done easier, faster and more efficiently”.

“We are very pleased that One Click LCA has become IMPACT compliant”, says Flavie Lowres, Associate Director at BRE. “IMPACT allows consistent integration of LCA data in BIM enabled tools. This is an exciting and important step in the uptake of the whole building LCA calculations”.

One Click LCA offers integrations to Revit, IFC models, Excel and allows receiving gbXML models from IES-VE and DesignBuilder as inputs. Plugins for Tekla Structures and ArchiCAD will also be released soon. The process also works with imperfect inputs, allowing users to verify and adjust the data.

The platform offers an unparalleled variety of analysis tools for BREEAM, including tools supporting several cumbersome credits like Green Guide and Climate Adaptation. Details for supported credits in different BREEAM versions can be found online at

The solution doesn’t only deliver in speed, but also in quality. One Click LCA is the world’s highest rated LCA tool for BREEAM projects and the only one to achieve an exemplary credit from LCA anywhere. The innovation has not gone unnoticed. The software is used by leading companies in more than 35 countries, including Skanska, Arup, WSP, Sweco, JLL and the European Commission.

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