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LCA trainings for new customers


After you have activated your license, schedule your Training webinar for new customers.

Your order may include a kick off training or a more in-depth training.

To schedule your training, please book your Kick off training here on our calendar or write to

You can also propose another time if none of the pre-planned ones matches your schedule. Please note that trainings are delivered via webinar during office hours of Finland, unless otherwise agreed upon, and need to be part of your order. Otherwise, charges apply.

These trainings will teach you everything you need to know about using One Click LCA and can be tailored to fit your certification needs.


  • If you haven’t activated your license yet please check the Starter kit.
  • If you are interested in attending a general webinar, check the schedule and sign in täällä.
  • If you are looking for specialized trainings about Life-Cycle Assessment, check the upcoming ones täällä.

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