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Free resources to help you #RacetoZero

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We can and must do more. But what’s holding us back?

The built environment, contributing to 39% of global emissions, is an important aspect of the COP26 agenda. To meet the Paris Agreement objectives, the industry needs to decarbonise and reach Net Zero emissions across all activities.

However, progress has been slow due to several challenges including lack of government regulations, understanding of developers and investors, embodied carbon benchmarks, generic data & manufacturer EPDs, and BIM automation.

To help you overcome these specific challenges, we put together this special free resource center.

Factors limiting progress on embodied carbon & LCA

We all need to play our part to speed up decarbonisation

The #RacetoNetZero requires the entire construction industry to work together, share information and find comprehensive solutions.

Architects, engineers, and construction professionals

Optimize the embodied carbon of your designs

Free Tool

Trimble-integrated embodied carbon tools

Combine constructible BIM models with manufacturer-specific data (EPDs) for accurate embodied carbon assessment of your designed structures. Submit results to meet local regulation's requirements.

Free access period: 1st Oct - 31 Dec 2021

Free Tool

IES-integrated Net Zero Carbon tool

Get the whole picture of embodied and operational carbon with the IES and One Click LCA integration. Quantify all carbon-emitting (embodied + operating) and carbon-reducing options and achieve Net-Zero goals.

Free access period: 1st Oct - 31 Dec 2021

Free Tool

Rhino-integrated embodied carbon tool

Optimize embodied carbon of your design directly in the Rhino interface.

Free access period: 1st Oct - 31 Dec 2021

Manufacturers & building material suppliers

Supply & document low carbon products

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One Click LCA Zero

One Click LCA Zero is a free product carbon tool for construction product manufacturers. It allows you to calculate a product’s carbon footprint in line with EN 15804 and ISO 21930 standards, benchmark results and identify carbon reductions.


How to make an EPD and how it helps your business

Kattava opas rakennustuotteiden valmistajille. Sisältäen 6 askelta EPD laatimiseen sekä miten EPD:itä voidaan hyödyntää tuotteiden myynnissä.

For owners, investors, and developers

Set embodied carbon requirements for projects


Guidance for investors & developers to reduce embodied carbon

Developers and investors have a unique opportunity to shape demand and drive transformation at the early stages of building projects. This report gathers over 50 embodied carbon-reduction policies and best practices that can be incorporated into projects, as well as practical guidance on how to use them.


Construction LCA & Embodied Carbon Experts’ Outlook 2021

This report, based on a survey of 165 construction LCA experts across Europe, North America, discusses the outlook on embodied carbon and LCA in construction, or greenhouse gas emissions from construction materials over their whole life-cycle in construction works, a key area of intervention to meeting climate objectives.

For governments, cities, and policy makers

Policy framework

City policy framework for dramatically reducing embodied carbon

This framework provides guidance for cities considering policies that can deliver the highest impact within their geopolitical contexts and regulatory systems. Over 50 existing policies from leading cities have been evaluated, categorized, and scored according to their potential, cost efficiency, ease of implementation, and enforceability.


Embodied Carbon Benchmarks for European Buildings

The Embodied Carbon Benchmarks for European buildings research provides benchmark data from 3737 European buildings. It aims to support regulators in policy creation and private organisations in establishing corporate policies that require pan-European information.

More Ebook, Guides & Webinars

Olemme keränneet EPD tietopankkiin paljon tietoa elinkaariarvioinnista, EPD:istä ja niiden hyödyntämisestä liiketoiminnassa.