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Comply with the Danish regulation BR18

One Click LCA’s new tool LCA according to Bygningsreglementet makes it easier to comply with the Danish regulation BR18.

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What is the Danish building regulation BR18?

All new buildings in Denmark applying for a building permit must document their environmental impact over 50 years lifespan through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)

New buildings above 1000m²

must comply with the limit value of 12 kg CO₂ equivalent /m² /year. 

Voluntary low carbon class

where the limit value is 8 kg CO₂ equivalent /m² /year.



Generic data from the Danish generic database (BR18) or EPDs can be used for LCA calculations.

Who is this for?

Architects and engineers

Environmental consultants and advisors

Builders, developers and manufacturers

How to comply with the Danish BR18 regulations using One Click LCA? 

One Click LCA’s new tool LCA according to Bygningsreglementet makes it easier to comply with the scope, database requirements, and other requirements of the regulation.

Perform LCA according to scope

  • A1-A3, B4, B6, C3, C4, and D life cycle stages are included in the LCA analysis
  • The climate impact is calculated in units of kg CO₂ equivalents per m² per year over a period of 50 years
  • The specific rules for area calculation is included in the analysis

Use EPDs for materials/products

When calculating the climate impact, EPDs must be used for each material or product.

One Click LCA intergrates data from nearly all of the available EPD platforms around the globe, including EPD Danmark, Ecoinvent, EPD hub and more.

Choose sustainable products from a BR 18 compliant Database

In addition to EPDs, the tool allows using Danish generic database (BR18), which is based on Okobaudat data.

The tool supports both EN15804 +A1 and EN15804 +A2 data, of which the calculation rules are explained per life cycle stage.

Why use One Click LCA to comply with the Danish regulations – BR18?

The One Click LCA automated LCA tool allows you to comply with Danish regulations in a more simple and, above all, less time-consuming way.

Integrate One Click LCA with your design tool and save time. We support Revit, Excel, SimpleBIM and more. You can import your building cost estimate or BIM model directly into One Click LCA. Read more about integrations.

The Danish regulations requires EPD:s or generic data from the generic Danish building material database. You can find both in One Click LCA:s database, however we recommend using EPD:s as to not be penalised by generic values that are normally higher than an EPD:s values. 


Easily get all the results you need for compliance with BR18. Choose the most environmentally friendly materials and make decabonizing easy.

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