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Promote your brand’s sustainable solutions 

Target designers searching for and comparing low-carbon products with One Click LCA’s Branded Assemblies

Get a head start by influencing specification early on

According to research by Saint-Gobain, 76 % of clients and specifiers want suppliers to be transparent about the impacts of their products – covered by EPDs, and 72 % of clients and specifiers also want sustainable or green products. Influencing these decisions is essential. Getting your sustainable products to be considered and specified early is critical as, if product choice is left to the procurement team, the lowest cost offer often wins. So, how can marketers influence these early enough?

Introducing One Click LCA’s Branded Assemblies

Combine all the products to create your branded assemblies in a ready-to-use and easy-to-find format in One Click LCA. Reach the customers who are searching, considering and comparing sustainable and green products for their next projects.

Discover your products

Before a client can consider your product or solution, they need to find it. One Click LCA’s database lists all the EPDs published in the world and provides a quick way to find relevant options.

Make rapid comparisons

Clients are pressed for time, and the fastest and the most robust way to compare is using ready-made assemblies that incorporate all needed solutions with the correct specification, quantities and appropriate materials to achieve the desired technical and functional performance.

Compare carbon & cost

Clients may run cost and whole-life carbon simulations that also consider transport, maintenance, service life and other differences between different solutions and suppliers. This may also be added with carbon pricing if the client company is using one for their procurement and specification.

Who do you reach?

Architects, Designers

Sustainability consultants

Project and procurement managers

Reach designers and specifiers where it matters

One Click LCA’s Branded Assemblies are a way for manufacturers to help clients save time while making robust environmental comparisons and strong cases to support their decisions. Branded assemblies are published for the following user groups to maximize their reach:

One Click LCA’s global database

Used by One Click LCA users to look for and compare sustainable products, across all tools and add-ons for building and infrastructure LCA and carbon assessment.

BIM plug-ins and BIM tools

Designers using the many BIM plug-ins and tools that connect to One Click LCA will be able to use your data directly from BIM to power LCAs.

One Click LCA Planetary

The free embodied carbon software powered by One Click LCA, used in 130+ countries, supported by ~30 green building councils.

What do our customers say?

“Branded constructions allow us to leverage the extensive database of One Click LCA to create ready-to-use Dramix® designs to facilitate calculations of designers, consultants and other stakeholders.

Users can search for Dramix® solutions per application and compare them with traditional solutions. This is more than just providing EPDs because in order to demonstrate the carbon savings per project you have to know the quantities of Dramix® you need per cubic meter. This gives a first indication of what levels of CO2 can be achieved.”

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Kadir Aktas

Growth Manager, Building Products, Bekaert

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How do I get access to the One Click LCA's Branded Assemblies?

Branded assembly services are available to users with a One Click LCA Building & Infra LCA floating Expert level license, or EPD Expert level license (named user or floating). Contact varataksesi demon tai saadaksesi tarjouksen.

Which products can be combined into a branded assembly?

Branded assemblies can combine third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for the manufacturer’s products, and locally applicable generic LCA data or EPDs from manufacturer’s partners for other components required for the assembly. 

All branded assemblies are created in a specific functional group and are tagged with one to three countries for which they represent a locally valid solution.

How do specifiers find my assemblies?
All branded assemblies are incorporated into the One Click LCA database, made accessible for One Click LCA BIM plugins and most are included in the free software One Click LCA Planetary. They are created in a specific functional group and tagged with one to three countries for which they represent a locally valid solution.
Are branded assemblies compatible with other tools?
Branded constructions are compatible with practically all One Click LCA’s building and infrastructure LCA tools, including also such regulatory LCA tools as Klimatdeklaration, RE2020 and the Finnish government methodology.

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