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It's time to become the Climate Change Warrior - Follow our lead and change the world for the better:
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Customer success

Everything we do is motivated by the drive to help our customers to achieve their goals. This desire informs all our decisions, and by always prioritizing the customer’s needs we are able to create software products and services that exist to make other people’s work easier and faster. We believe that sustainability shouldn’t be a burden or needlessly complicated, and ease of use and user-friendliness are two core requirements we always take into account when making decisions.

What does customer success mean in practice? It means that we do everything we can to make sure customers achieve their goals, whether it is completing their calculations, obtaining Green Building credits, designing better buildings, or learning more about Life-Cycle Metrics.


We want to be the best at what we do. We will always deliver the best possible quality tools and services to our users and we will always cherish the challenge that comes with being the best and retaining that position over the years.

In any field, when you choose dynamic excellence, you also choose to prevent potential issues down the road. Experts predict, non-experts react: when the next big change will be rolled out, you can rely on our years of in-depth expertise and ability to predict where the market will go and how to better adapt to its needs.

Curiosity and Creativity

We believe that only by embracing curiosity we can find new and current ways to be successful at what we do and excel. To nurture a curious mindset, a few elements are required: hunger for knowledge, interest in new challenges, and a safe space to explore new ideas, with the understanding that not all of them will be successful or viable ones.

Creativity can only develop in an environment that encourages independent thinking and rewards initiative, and it is more easily found in an agile, flexible organization. We encourage the expression of new ideas and strongly value feedback, both internal and external.


None of the above matters without an unabashed commitment to integrity: there are some things on which we refuse to be flexible, and we wouldn’t compromise about them, no matter the incentive. Without integrity, excellence is an empty promise, creativity chaos, and customer success duplicity. We are proud of our decision to conduct business ethically, and to value and cherish diversity, sustainability, and straightforwardness.


As a Finnish company with an international team, we are happy to have our roots in one of the greenest countries in the world. Sisu is a Finnish word that exemplifies one of the most important features of Finnishness: literally “having guts” it translates to the peculiar mix of resilience, grit, and determination in the face of adversity. Shortly put, we don’t give up. We also enjoy sauna, cinnamon buns, and drink way too much coffee (or at least our coders do).


Build for the future you want to live in.
The construction industry is responsible for 40% of carbon emissions globally and those emissions are accumulated through the building’s whole life-cycle.This means two things: one, that construction specialists need to start thinking about what and how they build and two, that to reduce emissions it is necessary to adopt a cradle to grave approach.

Not only governments and institutions are implementing long-term plans to achieve carbon neutrality, investors are increasingly demanding transparency and sustainability for all projects. Our vision is a carbon neutral construction industry where all agents cooperate to design greener and better buildings and where every decision is taken with the long-term effects in mind.


Sustainable buildings and businesses
We want to make Life-Cycle Metrics calculations as easy and effortless as possible. Our goal is to allow all players in the construction industry to calculate carbon footprint, Life-Cycle Assessment, Life-Cycle Costing, and other environmental impacts in the easiest and fastest way possible, enabling better decision-making in the design phase and leading to a more streamlined and effective approach to green building design.


To achieve these goals we create software to help design, decide and deliver better futures. We believe that the future of construction is in advanced technological capabilities, cloud solutions that can be accessed by team members around the world, increased collaboration, and development of flexible, adaptable, and easily customizable solutions for all Green Building needs.

What makes us different

Easy to use, integrated, and automated life-cycle & sustainability solutions
We design software with the end user in mind, which means that we will always focus on user-friendliness first and foremost, and develop all potential tools that will enable our users to achieve their results even faster. Not only we have developed native plugins for Revit, Archicad and Tekla, we also offer a wide range of options for data import, customizable software that learns and responds to users’ actions and preferences, and world-class support in different languages.
We deliver easy to use, efficient and automated software solutions for sustainable buildings and business globally.

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