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How to conduct building sustainability assessments – exercise workshop


3.5 hours

Starting at €300

Beginner / Intermediate


Other languages available, but subject to availability.

Who is this training for?

Building specialists: architects, engineers, green building consultants etc.

What you'll learn

Designed for teams or individuals, this course provides an in-depth understanding of how to perform building sustainability assessments using One Click LCA tools.

Content Overview

  • Introduction to embodied carbon and relevant standards for performing sustainability assessments
  • Brief introduction to calculation requirements for desired standards or certifications
  • Perform LCA, LCC and/or Circular economy assessments according to the desired standards
  • How to use your data from Building Information Modelling (BIM) or Building Energy Models (BEM) models and Excel. Based on the preferences of the attendees
  • Review and analysis of results
  • This training course includes


    3.5 hour live training

    The training can be delivered online or onsite (for onsite training, additional traveling costs apply)

    Downloadable materials

    Training materials are provided in English for the attendees’ personal use only. Their further distribution or use is prohibited.

    Training license access to One Click LCA software

    Certificates of attendance

    Available upon request, at extra cost

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