EPD Masterclass

How to deliver product EPDs


Total 8 hours, May 20 - June 10

Beginner / Intermediate

Language: English

Early bird 900€ (excl. VAT, norm. 1000€). Valid until May 6 2021

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for consultants who want to expand their offering to include the creation of EPDs.

What you'll learn

How to create EPDs, their benefits , the standards involved in creating them and how to sell them.

✔ Core product LCA (life-cycle assessment) concepts. Specifically, grouping of products, average EPDs, system boundaries and defining the project parameters.

✔ How scenarios are modelled. Specifically, allocation principles, scenario documentation for end of life and interpretation of results.

✔ How LCA reporting should be done, interpreting results from your own projects, leveraging the software for product benchmarking purposes and lastly see how you can link this to the LCA tools for the benefit of more inexperienced Building LCA users

Content Overview

Session 1. Introduction to EPDs
  • Introduction to product carbon footprints and why we need to act now.
  • The basics of EPDs: what they are and why they are necessary.
  • How to benefit from EPDs and how to sell them
  • An overview of the standards and rules that apply to construction product LCAs.
  • Use of EPDs in global certification schemes – including LEED and BREEAM.
  • Review a sample EPD report.
Session 2. Key concepts in product LCAs
  • Understanding the key LCA concepts of grouping of products, averaging EPDs, system boundaries, data selection and quality, allocation principles.
  • Looking at the key parameters that need to be considered for EPD creation and defining the scope of the assessment, especially the product and process stage.
  • Looking at the approach for data collection specifically for raw materials and manufacturing calculations
  • Making use of the software to understand how to find the correct data and then modelling it for the product and process stages from the sample product provided in the earlier session.
Session 3. Key LCA concepts (contd.) and parameters for EPD creation
  • Continuation of the key concepts, we look at the use stages, end of life stages, the D module.
  • Understanding what needs to be considered in a life cycle inventory analysis, life cycle impact assessment using the sample EPD background report as a guidance.
  • Use the software and now look at how to model the use stages, end of life, background report.
Session 4. Interpreting results, product benchmarking and wrap up
  • Review the modelling exercises
  • Look at how to interpret results and other important aspects that need to be kept in mind for background reporting and how it should be presented.
  • How you can leverage One Click LCA for product benchmarking and see how this can also be linked to LCA tools
  • Feedback, next steps and wrap up.

This training includes


Total 8 hours

4 training sessions, 2 hours each

Weekly from May 20 – June 10


Please note that each session 1-4. needs to be attended. (Recording is available if you cannot attend live)

Downloadable materials

Training materials are provided in English for the attendees’ personal use only. Their further distribution or use is prohibited.

30-day software trial access

One Click LCA EPD software with 200 Ecoinvent dataset

Certificates of attendance

Early bird ticket: 900€ (excl. VAT)

Norm. 1000€. Valid until May 6 2021

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