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Key resources

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) transparently communicates a product’s environmental profile, providing the big picture overview of cradle-to-grave impacts. We compile and distil the key knowledge in these two resources to help you kickstart your EPD project today.

Environmental Product Declarations

What, why and how

Get the one-pager for a fast overview of what an EPD is, how many EPDs are available in Europe, why EPDs are important, how much do they cost.

How to make an EPD

And how it helps your business

A complete guide for Construction Product Manufacturers: the compelling business case for investing in EPDs; 6 key steps to making EPDs; and how to use them to sell more products.

EPD Webinars, articles

EPD basics: what are they and why are they important?

New to working with Environmental Product Declarations? These resources will guide you through the basics to jump-start your journey.

Business benefits of EPDs

These resources dive a little deeper into how EPDs can provide a competitive edge to your business and share case studies of companies using EPDs to support low-carbon construction.

How to create and use EPDs

Practical advice about how to develop EPDs and how they can be used to support building LCA.

EPD Visualisations

EPD infographics & data visualizations

Visualizations to explain how EPDs from how they are created to their role in low carbon construction. We’ve made these images available for free download to help improve understanding of the challenges faced in achieving net zero carbon construction and the solutions available.

One Click LCA Product Carbon & EPD Generator Subscription Plans

Starter: easy product carbon assessments

One Click LCA helps you calculate the carbon footprint of a product in compliance with ISO 14040 and 14044 and EN 15804.

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Business: automate and streamline EPD delivery

Create, verify and publish affordable EPDs in just a matter of weeks, at a much lower cost with our pre-verified EPD generator.

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Expert: take full control

Use proprietary LCIA datasets in your assessments and benchmark your products against existing market EPDs.

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