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Produce EPDs in just a matter of weeks,
at a much lower cost

The classical approach to developing an EPD is slow, expensive and hard-to-coordinate.

Our way is better. With a very streamlined process, One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator saves you time and money. Develop robust Environmental Product Declarations, complying with ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14067 EN 15804+A1+A2 and ISO 21930 and ISO 14025.

Everything you need to produce third-party verified EPDs complying with EN & ISO standards

Get your EPDs done easily and efficiently with a single point of contact. No need to separately manage and contract suppliers, LCA tools, databases, EPD generation, third-party verification or publishing.

Collect data with a tailored template for your manufacturing industry. Transfer your bill of materials automatically into One Click LCA platform either using a file upload (i.e. Excel) or using an Application Programming Interface (API).

You will have a ready to go, and customizable Microsoft Word documents for the EPD and its background report. The results are EPDs in compliance with EN 15804 / ISO 21930, ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and ISO 14025 and have at least a cradle to gate scope. The software also supports creating customer specific private EPDs (also called project EPDs).

Get your EPDs critically reviewed and reviewed by third-party verifiers. One Click LCA’s EPD experts perform a critical review of your EPD before assigning it to an independent third-party verifier. This ensures the high quality of your EPDs and expedites the third-party verification process to increase your chances of succeeding with the verification on the first pass.

We publish EPDs with EPD International (Environdec) and the Building Information Foundation RTS, an Eco-Platform member EPD program. Benefit from lower EPD publishing rates with our Pre-Verified EPD Generator.

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Say goodbye to five-figure bills
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With a very streamlined process, One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator saves you time and money. We provide you with training, set you up on the system and give you the tools you need to conduct your LCA and generate your EPD and background report automatically. Once your documents are ready, we review them and forward them to vetted and qualified, independent third-party verifiers and publishers.

EPDs you can trust

Although One Click LCA offers a low cost route to developing your EPDs, we do not compromise on quality. One Click LCA tools can be used to create EPDs that are compliant with international LCA, EPD and third-party verification standards: ISO 21930, ISO 14044, ISO 14025, ISO 14067, EN 15804, EN 15804+A1, EN 15804+A2, EN 15942.

EN 15804+A2

EN 15804 has become the cornerstone standard for EPDs and has been broadly adopted worldwide. EN 15804+A2 is a major amendment that changes EPDs significantly. It was approved in July 2019 and becomes mandatory in July 2022. You can read more about how and why you need to get ready for EN 15804+A2 here.

 Reporting that complies with all major standards

With One Click LCA Pre-verified EPD Generator, all results categories are calculated automatically from your input data in line with both EN 15804+A2 as well as EN 15804+A1, and TRACI 2.1. This basically means that your EPD has global passporting rights for its whole five-year validity. 

One Click LCA EPD tools also support the ISO 14067 requirement to report fossil and biogenic carbon emissions separately, as well as land-use change emissions, and to report carbon storage separately as required. This requires using the software in line with EN 15804.

Why is third-party verification important?

Third-party verification is a key factor in why EPDs are valued for their impartial, standardised and comparable information. It is a core element of the international standard which defines EPDs, ISO 14025. Without third-party verification, your EPD will not be recognised by many certification schemes, regulations and procurement requirements.

As the demand for EPD grows, there has been an accompanying rise in companies offering labels which are called EPDs, but without third-party verification. Buyer beware. Bypassing this step may seem attractive in the short-term, but in the long run, could render your EPD investment effectively useless.


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