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One Click LCA Enterprise Solutions

Standardize your sustainability tools

Solutions for large global businesses, tailored needs and demanding deployments.

Trusted by 16 of the 20 biggest architecture firms, 8 of the 10 biggest contractors,
and 5 of the 10 biggest construction product manufacturers worldwide.

One Click LCA for Enterprise

Standardized global carbon tool and local compliance solution in one

 One Click LCA for Enterprise provides consistent, standardized sustainability performance data across your global operations, all while providing tools for local compliance. 

We streamline your work with standardized tools that integrate with your existing systems and powerful reporting.

Our dedicated training and customer success teams and multi-lingual support keep your business humming, while our world-class cyber security provides the peace of mind you need.

One Click LCA for Enterprise is for you if your global company has set sustainability objectives and you need: 

  • A single source of truth for the sustainability of your operations.
  • To embed decarbonization into processes, systems and businesses.
  • Standardized carbon and LCA tools for all your global staff.
  • Compliance solutions for your local market LCA requirements.
  • Global training, deployment and support program for your staff.
  • Global data, system integrations, and advanced cyber security.

Unlock business value with our enterprise-grade platform

Single source of truth for global sustainability & carbon performance

One Click LCA provides international companies with a ‘single source of truth’ for carbon and sustainability performance of your global business. We offer a consistent global view both at a project level and for Scope 1, 2 and 3 reporting purposes.

Local compliance, data and tools to support all your local businesses

Construction carbon and LCA regulations and requirements vary worldwide. One Click LCA provides 100+ tools to help your businesses comply with local requirements. While our global database integrates all the qualifying LCA data in the world. 

Usage and cost tracking and cost recovery solutions

One Click LCA’s Enterprise model makes it possible to track usage at project level, making for easy cost tracking and recovery from projects and clients. All deliovering you the best possible return for your investment.

Standardise for consistency & cost saving

Consolidate dozens of carbon accounting tools into one and substitute homegrown spreadsheets to ensure consistency and quality. Standardising also consolidates the costs of  deployment, procurement, training, support and licensing. 

Streamlined global reporting

Our reporting tools power your global program monitoring, enabling you to compile all your global data easily into one place. We work with to ensure you have the reporting tools you need for your business processes and workflows.

Integration and automation to create value and to get insights

We provide 15+ ready to go connectors to common design, construction and manufacturing platforms and integration capability to connect to any systems and data, and we provide an API to connect your own tools.

Global deployment, training and support program

We create and deliver a training program for your global staff and work with you to deploy the tools, solutions and reporting into your business processes and workflows. Our multi-lingual support staff across all timezones keeps your business running.

Enterprise-grade platform for advanced security & support

We provide an enterprise-grade platform, advanced cybersecurity solutions, world-class support, and best-in-class vendor solidity backed by our growing team of 170 experts and AAA-grade financial stability of a company with 20+ years in business.

Power all your business functions with the capabilities they need


Design & Engineering

Create alternatives to find decarbonization opportunities.


Access to highly detailed, global and carefully vetted sustainability data.

Sales & Marketing

Benchmark your sustainabilty performance against the market.


Showcase your sustainability to win more contracts.


Automate the process of generating carbon and LCA calculations.


Compile all your global data easily into one for seamless reporting.

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One Click LCA Enterprise Solutions

 We work with you to understand your business so you get a solution tailored perfectly for you.

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