DK-DGNB ENV 1.1 and ENV 2.1 credits Made Easy

Automated Life Cycle Assessment for DK-DGNB

For DK-DGNB users there is now a new and easy way to calculate ENV 1.1 and ENV 2.1 credits: the easy to use Building Life Cycle Assessment software One Click LCA® has been verified to be DK-DGNB compliant. The verification was conducted by the Danish Building Research Institute (SBi), on behalf of the Danish Green Building Council, and it certifies that One Click LCA® can be used to earn 13.5% of the total score.  Read the official certificate here. One Click LCA® allows user to measure and optimize a building’s Life-Cycle Cost, Life-Cycle Assessment, or embodied carbon. The breakthrough capability of the software is the automation of the LCA calculations, thanks to the data import function that transforms IFC and energy files or bill of materials into a compliant and standard-based LCA report in just a few minutes. In practice, this means that any building specialist can generate a LCA report with data they already have, to be submitted for certification purposes or to be used for low carbon design. Whether it’s a Revit, IFC, Tekla Structures, ArchiCAD, Excel, or gbXML file, One Click LCA® can easily transform it into a full Life Cycle Assessment, mapping the inputted data to materials in its database, which includes thousands of EPDS, including all approved datasets for DK-DGNB. The credits in details:
  • 1 Livscyklusvurdering (LCA) – miljøvirkninger: One Click LCA® automatically quantifies the emissions of your building according to the required DGNB standards and emission categories across the whole life cycle.
  • 1– Livscyklusvurdering (LCA) – primærenergi: One Click LCA® allows you to quantify a “building eco-balance” for the entire life cycle of your building and to assess your building’s resource consumption, energy supply, and the share of renewable energy.
Moreover, One Click LCA® allows you also to define the End-of-Life scenarios that are necessary for TEC 1.6 Egnethed med henblik på nedtagning og genanvendelse (1,5%). At the same time, you can also get compliant results for other certification schemes, as well as Level(s), the new EU framework for Sustainable Buildings. In fact, One Click LCA is the world’s highest rated LCA tool for BREEAM, and compliant with + 20 other certifications, including LEED. The innovation has not gone unnoticed. The software is used by leading companies and governments in more than 50 countries, including Skanska, Arup, WSP, Sweco, Ramboll, NCC, JLL, Stattsbyg and European Commission. We can also help you with infrastructure projects, CSR reporting, and EPD production and verification. Want to discuss this further with our local agent in Copenhagen? Contact Kostas Koukoulopoulos at or via phone at +45 50 27 64 39.

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