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One Click LCA speeds up custom application building

The entire philosophy of One Click LCA is developed around flexibility and easy customization. The platform allows building new applications, reports and branded tools all without programming. The applications can be built to your specification, by co-developed or by yourself if you have suitable resources.

Create custom sustainability applications and start collecting, managing and reporting information that matters the most to you.

We support branded and white labelled solutions and provide tools for life-cycle efficiency, best practice tracking, scoring, environmental impact assessment, data collection, and more. We have built custom applications and application suites for industries including manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, construction, environmental management and others.

If you have a problem that needs fixing, contact us. We will be happy you did.

We can build custom solutions for your needs that:

  • Match your business process and needs
  • Are built to your specs and data requirements
  • Ensure your data is available 24/7
  • Relies on the proven One Click LCA platform
  • Supports large scale deployments

Why choose One Click LCA as your sustainability platform?


Leverage existing design data

Integrates with Revit. One Click import for Excel, IFC, BIM, Energy models or bill-of-materials data available.

Branded to feel like your image

The platform is easily customizable to include your own branding. We can co-design the solution to serve your purpose.


Scales with your organization

The certified 360optimi platform will scale to fit the needs of an organization, no matter how big or small.


Tailor-made tools for food supply chain LCA

MTT Agrifood Research Finland has retained Bionova’s One Click LCA platform as their LCA application for food supply chain projects. Bionova was awarded the contract due to superior LCA expertise and the platform’s capability to roll out tailored applications in a short time frame. The applications are integrated with MTT’s EcoModules databases and will be used in four different areas of food supply chain.

Read more here.


Tailored sustainability application suite for hotels

Hotels need to boost bookings, control costs, and be transparent regarding their environmental performance to succeed. Ecompter is a tailored application suite built on the 360optimi platform delivering just that in an easy-to-use and easy-to-adopt format. The software package consists of ten applications tracking different aspects of hotel sustainability, and can be used by both single property hotels and international hotel chains.

The Ecompter application supports the hotel industry’s de-facto standard, Hotel Carbon Management Initiative for carbon footprinting and provides support for the leading international hotel environmental certification and management programs, including ISO 14001 certification, TripAdvisor GreenLeaders, Nordic Ecolabel and many others. The product contains a click-to-publish sustainability summary widget, allowing hotels to communicate with their customers in a fact-based and easy-to-understand manner. Furthermore, the application suite provides tools for hotel benchmarking.

Visit Ecompter to learn more.


National green building benchmark database for GBC Finland

Green Building Council Finland has developed and promoted a uniform set of core sustainability metrics, which are based on international standards. The set is called Building Life-cycle Metrics and it contains four metrics for construction projects (of which two, life-cycle cost and life-cycle carbon footprint are life-cycle based) and four metrics for property management. The metrics guidelines are public: Bionova has authored both the metrics definition and their implementation guideline.

To complement the guidelines, GBC Finland wanted to provide a database to enable project and property benchmarking and to generate an open data database, which will in time enable research and policy-making with anonymous data. Bionova was selected as the partner to develop the custom database and related application on the 360optimi platform. The database is also available for free.


Witty Energy competition with city-scale modelling

The City of Espoo wanted to build the greenfield district of Finnoo differently, and create a meaningfully and measurably sustainable district that could serve as a model for new communities built in the Nordics. Bionova was enlisted to help first in developing the energy strategy and later to support the process.

Bionova collected the zoning plans from various architects and imported it all into a district level 3D model. The model was then uploaded to 360optimi, with which comprehensive simulations were performed to discover the impact of planning measures and other requirements on the district’s energy balance. The most powerful measures were identified and ranked for cost efficiency and reliability. The outcome is a focused and balanced mix of measures that will ensure both competitive life-cycle cost, and very low energy consumption and life-cycle emissions.

Read more about this case here.

What benefits can One Click LCA bring you?

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