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What is Circular economy in One Click LCA?

Circular economy is a powerful add-on feature that allows the capturing of all construction projects’ detailed data to fulfill GRI reporting and other sustainability goals and that measures the share of renewable, recycled and sustainably sourced materials, as well as the arising construction waste flows.

Who should use the circular economy feature?

Organisations requiring consistent metrics on circular economy performance, including recycled and nonrecycled material content, renewable material content, construction waste and its end of life processing, as well as the share of ecolabeled material.

The add-on feature delivers data for the following GRI metrics:

  • GRI G4-EN1 Materials used by weight or volume
  • G4-EN2 Percentage of materials used that are recycled input materials
  • GRI G4-EN23 Total weight of waste by type and disposal method
  • GRI G4-PR3 Type of product and service information required by the organization’s procedures for product and service information and labeling, and percentage of significant product and service categories subject to such information requirements.

The capability ties in seamlessly with all Life cycle assessment indicators that provide the data required for G4-EN17 Other indirect greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3), in particular for category 2 – Capital goods (construction of buildings). The software also provides figures on any Scope 1 and 2 emissions if they arise in the construction process, as will be the case for a construction company.

Why choose One Click LCA as your environmental design tool?


Leverage existing design data

One Click import for Revit, IFC (BIM), Excel, energy models (gbXML) and other tools.

Fast LCA comparisons

Find the hot spots and improve and compare designs to find your optimal solution.

Make impactful design decision

Optimize your building design for better performance, durability, and profitability.


What our users have to say about One Click LCA


I have been working with One Click LCA for about 6 months: it is easy to learn and user-friendly. I would recommend this tool for every future user.

Eryk Ostrowski

BREEAM certification specialist, Sweco Consulting, Poland

One Click LCA is very intuitive, has a large materials database and fast support. I’d definitely recommend it, and we are looking forward to using it in future projects.

Erlend Kulander

Kvitrud, Energirådgiver, NIRAS, Norway

One Click LCA has been selected for Joint Research Centre Refurbishment Projects as the most flexible, reliable, efficient tool for LCA in compliance with BREEAM. It allowed us to deliver Building 27b LCA in cost and time effective manner. Great support!

Eleonora Sablone

BREEAM AP and Assessor, European Commission JRC

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