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Optimise for Net Zero embodied and operational carbon

Special resources for: MEP & Energy Designers | Architects

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Manage embodied and operational carbon to meet Net Zero targets

Nearly two thousand municipalities have declared a Climate Emergency, and over one thousand large corporations have committed to Science-Based TargetsDifferentiating with climate action is not enough to lead. The leading organisations develop and implement Net Zero Carbon and Carbon Neutrality* practises in their projects.

Net Zero targets require us to take control of both operational and embodied carbon – throughout the life-cycle of our buildings.


Free tools for optimising operational and embodied carbon

One Click LCA partners with IES-VE to provide MEP, energy designers and architects free tools to measure and compare both the operational and embodied carbon impact of their projects during the early design stages.

IES-VE Gaia:  Early-stage design

  • Climate/Bio-Climatic Interrogation
  • Building Metrics/Materials Review
  • Natural Resources/Water Analysis
  • Energy/Carbon Simulation
  • Heating/Cooling Loads Calculation
  • Low/Zero-Carbon Technologies

Free trial period: 1st Oct – 31st Dec 2021.

Learn more and request your access.

Net Zero Carbon Tool

  • Calculate embodied carbon of your projects with the One Click LCA Net Zero Carbon Tool.
  • Import energy models from VE Gaia to get the operational carbon data.
  • Quantify all carbon-emitting (embodied + operating) and carbon-reducing options and achieve Net-Zero.

Free trial period: 1st Oct – 31st Dec 2021

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Get free access to One Click LCA Net Zero tool

One Click LCA is offering IES users a free carbon assessment tool until the end of 2021. The tool is fully integrated with IES-VE, IES Gaia.

Step 1:

Create a free One Click LCA account

Start a free trial Building (Trial available) and select COP26 – IES Net Zero Carbon license.

Step 2:

Navigate the One Click LCA integration in IES

See how you can access One Click LCA with your version of IES.

Step 3:

Watch the recorded training webinar

Learn how to use the tools and achieve the Net Zero goal in this joint webinar by One Click LCA & IES.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the free One Click LCA tool?
Anyone can access the free One Click LCA tool for the duration of this offer. However, using the integrations works differently depending upon whether you are a new or existing One Click LCA user. 

For new One Click LCA users: Using the integrations with Trimble, IES or Rhino will require the respective licenses. Access to the free One Click LCA tool is available until the end of 2021.

For existing One Click LCA users: If you have a Business plan or higher, you have access to these integrations, even beyond the end of this offer period. If you have a Starter plan, please write to to request access.

What features are included?
The One Click LCA free tool gives users access to all of the features available under a standard One Click LCA Building tool Business license. The full feature list can be seen here.

The IES Gaia integration also provides access to the Net Zero Carbon add-on tool.

How long will I have access to the free tool?
Access to the free One Click LCA tool is available until the end of 2021. After this time, access will be available to anyone who buys a commercial One Click LCA license.
Are you offering other free tools and resources during COP26?
Yes, we want to use the opportunity of COP26 to encourage the construction sector to accelerate decarbonisation. To this end, we are providing free tools and resources for the entire construction value chain. You can see them all in the COP 26 resource center.
What is COP26 anyway?
It’s a short name for a globally important meeting: the annual UN climate change conference. The famous Paris Agreement was signed at COP21, held in Paris, in 2015.

COP stands for Conference of Parties, with the parties referring to the 197 nations and territories that have signed on to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

This year’s event will be the 26th conference, hence COP26.

COP26 takes place in Glasgow, UK, in November 2021. Find out more at the official COP26 website.

How can I learn more about what One Click LCA can do?
Get in touch with any queries at or schedule a demo from here.

One Click LCA for COP26

Other free resources to help you #RacetoZero

Architects, engineers, and construction professionals

Optimize the embodied carbon of your designs

Free Tool

Trimble-integrated embodied carbon tools

Combine constructible BIM models with manufacturer-specific data (EPDs) for accurate embodied carbon assessment of your designed structures. Submit results to meet local regulation’s requirements.

Free access period: 1st Oct – 31 Dec 2021

Free Tool

Rhino-integrated embodied carbon tool

Optimize embodied carbon of your design directly in the Rhino interface.

Free access period: 1st Oct – 31 Dec 2021

Manufacturers & building material suppliers

Supply & document low carbon products

Free tool

One Click LCA Zero

One Click LCA Zero is a free product carbon tool for construction product manufacturers. It allows you to calculate a product’s carbon footprint in line with EN 15804 and ISO 21930 standards, benchmark results and identify carbon reductions.


How to make an EPD and how it helps your business

A complete guide for Construction Product Manufacturers: the compelling business case for investing in EPDs; 6 key steps to making EPDs; and how to use them to sell more products.

For owners, investors, and developers

Set embodied carbon requirements for projects


Guidance for investors & developers to reduce embodied carbon

Developers and investors have a unique opportunity to shape demand and drive transformation at the early stages of building projects. This report gathers over 50 embodied carbon-reduction policies and best practices that can be incorporated into projects, as well as practical guidance on how to use them.


Construction LCA & Embodied Carbon Experts’ Outlook 2021

This report, based on a survey of 165 construction LCA experts across Europe, North America, discusses the outlook on embodied carbon and LCA in construction, or greenhouse gas emissions from construction materials over their whole life-cycle in construction works, a key area of intervention to meeting climate objectives.

For governments, cities, and policy makers

Policy framework

City policy framework for dramatically reducing embodied carbon

This framework provides guidance for cities considering policies that can deliver the highest impact within their geopolitical contexts and regulatory systems. Over 50 existing policies from leading cities have been evaluated, categorized, and scored according to their potential, cost efficiency, ease of implementation, and enforceability.


Embodied Carbon Benchmarks for European Buildings

The Embodied Carbon Benchmarks for European buildings research provides benchmark data from 3737 European buildings. It aims to support regulators in policy creation and private organisations in establishing corporate policies that require pan-European information.

More Ebook, Guides & Webinars

A one-stop hub for everything you need to know about building life cycle assessment, data, and business cases around low-carbon design & construction.