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EPD & LCA verification

Bionova Ltd is an experienced and internationally present construction industry life cycle performance specialist and software firm in the Nordic markets. Bionova’s staff hold formal approval for EPD verification for RTS (FI), Environdec (SE) and EPD Norge (NO) as the only organization globally.

Bionova’s life cycle performance software is used in 50+ countries and it complies with 20+ green building certification systems. This ensures an in-depth knowledge of the market conditions and how EPDs are used in the field.

Bionova serves the entire construction industry across Europe and starting from October 2016, also in North America. Our recent clients include Åbetong (SE), Ethos Engineering (IE), NCC (SE), Optiplan (FI), ÅF Consult (EE), Pedro Jacome Architects (DE), Atrium Consulting (RS).

With the client’s approval, Bionova can also include any delivered EPDs in the database of our software solutions to enable green building experts to find and use the most up to date environmental information and encourage the use of EPDs for their building projects.

You can check the EPDs we delivered for our clients in Finland in the Finnish EPD system, Rakennustietosäätiö.


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I have been working with One Click LCA for about 6 months: it is easy to learn and user-friendly. I would recommend this tool for every future user.

Eryk Ostrowski

BREEAM certification specialist, Sweco Consulting, Poland

One Click LCA is very intuitive, has a large materials database and fast support. I’d definitely recommend it, and we are looking forward to using it in future projects.

Erlend Kulander

Kvitrud, Energirådgiver, NIRAS, Norway

With One Click LCA, our team has the flexibility to work with any certification scheme from LEED to Active House, in real time and collaboratively. That’s powerful, and efficient.

Ryan Zizzo

LEED & LCA Consultant, Zizzo Strategy, Canada

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