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✓ Leverage existing design data

✓ Fast LCC comparisons

✓ Make impactful design decision

What is a Building Life Cycle Costing?

Life Cycle Costing is the process of identifying and documenting all the costs involved over the life of an asset and is often used to better manage the costs of a building project or material throughout it’s life cycle.

Why is Life Cycle Costing important?

Lowest life cycle cost (LCC) is the most straightforward and easy-to-interpret measure of economic evaluation, and with the right scope, Life-Cycle Costing can also act as shaping force in the design phase.

Building professionals, certified specialists, cost engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, operations researchers among others should use the LCC or several other economic impact assessment techniques to evaluate a project and better quantify the underlying values of design variants. The LCC approach thrives to make cost-effective choices for building related cost objects and investment projects.

What benefits does One Click LCA have?

One Click LCAs efficient LCC modules enable users to specifically tailor the LCC to suit the BREEAM scheme of choosing whilst keeping the whole project team up to date. To learn more, join a free webinar.

Why choose One Click LCA for Life Cycle Costing


Leverage existing design data

One Click import for Revit, IFC (BIM), Excel, energy models (gbXML) and other tools.

Fast LCC comparisons

Find the hot spots and improve and compare designs to find your optimal solution.

Make impactful design decision

Optimize your building design for better performance, durability, and profitability.

Automated Life Cycle Costing from BIM

What our users have to say about One Click LCA

One Click LCA allowed us to deliver an LCA in a schedule we could otherwise hardly have met. The tool is very flexible, standards-compliant and has a competent support.

Andreas Asker

Miljökonsult, WSP Sverige AB, Sweden

One Click LCA is very intuitive, has a large materials database and fast support. I’d definitely recommend it, and we are looking forward to using it in future projects.

Erlend Kulander

Kvitrud, Energirådgiver, NIRAS, Norway

One Click LCA has been selected for Joint Research Centre Refurbishment Projects as the most flexible, reliable, efficient tool for LCA in compliance with the main Rating Systems like BREEAM. Great support!

Eleonora Sablone

BREEAM AP and Assessor, JRC

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