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Get reliable whole building life-cycle assessments, instantly

Automate LCA with BIM & BEM integrations. Get results that comply with EN & ISO standards, LEED, BREEAM, and 70+ other certifications.

User-friendly, yet powerful.

Everything you need to design greener buildings & achieve certifications

 One Click LCA combines intuitive functions with the world’s largest construction LCA database for fast and effective automated life-cycle assessments. 

Choose whether to manually input building materials and other data points, or import your design from Excel, Revit, IFC, IESVE, energy models (gbXML), and other tools. You can also input building areas, energy consumption, water consumption, construction site operations, emissions and removals to get a complete picture of your building’s life-cycle impacts.

Input data - Life Cycle Assessment

With 150,000+ data points, the One Click LCA database is the largest of its kind in the world and it’s also designed to make it easy for you to find the information you need. Use filters or the search function to find material EPDs or generic data. You can also benchmark all the materials in the database to find the lowest impact materials.

Find the hot spots and opportunities for improvement. Create a new design by copying the baseline design and optimizing structures or materials to reduce impacts.

Export LCA results in Excel or Word format. If you’re pursuing a certification, you can get tailored LCA results with a compliance tool.

Get LCA results tailored to the certifications you need

With add-on compliance tools such as BREEAM, LEED, HQE, C+E-, or 70+ certifications, the LCA results you have will be tailored to the certification you wish to achieve, including life cycle stages, impact indicators, benchmarking, and more. Choose a certification below and see how you can use One Click LCA to achieve the maximal credits/points.


One Click LCA is the highest rated LCA tool for BREEAM, verified by BRE with 100% Mat 01 rating. The software supports all BREEAM schemes: BREEAM UK, BREEAM NOR, BREEAM SE, BREEAM NL, BREEAM ES, BREEAM DE.


Use One Click LCA to achieve MRc1 LCA and other credits from your LEED scheme anywhere in the world, be it in Asia, Europe or America.

Energie Carbone, RE2020

Calculez la performance environnementale de vos bâtiments grâce au logiciel officiellement certifié E+C- et RE2020 One Click LCA.

Les modules permettent aussi de calculer les ACV pour BBCA, HQE et plus.  


Ökobilanzierung ist in DGNB notwendig, um die erforderlichen Credits für eine nutzbringende und lebenzyklusorientierte Planung zu erhalten. Sie müssen nur die Bill of Materials (BIM, Excel oder gbXML) Ihres Projektes in den benutzerfreundlichen Cloud-Service laden und schon erhalten Sie Ergebnisse, die den DGNB-Vorgaben entsprechen.


One Click LCA fully supports your Infrastructure project. The software complies with the requirements of CEEQUAL 5.1, 5.2 and 4.1, and has been third party certified for compliancy with ISO and EN general and construction-specific LCA standards.


One Click LCA can fully support almost all Level(s) macro-objectives: Greenhouse gas emissions (life cycle), Resource efficient material life cycles, Efficient use of water resources, Healthy spaces, Resilience, Optimised life cycle cost and value, Overarching: cradle to cradle LCA.

Integration for automation

You can import data from Excel, Revit, BIM, IESVE and many other tools to get an LCA in just minutes.

Access the world’s largest generic and EPD database

Choose from global generic data or manufacturer specific, third-party verified EPDs. New EPDS are constantly being added and the platform even enables you to request EPDs directly from manufacturers. All data undergoes our rigorous verification and qualification process that guarantees consistency and robust assessments.

More than life cycle assessment software

Optimize carbon, cost and circularity throughout design stages with these add-ons

Early design optimisation

Create baseline buildings with just building shape and size. Generate and compare different concept phase options instantly with built-in construction templates.

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Life Cycle Costing

Automate life cycle cost calculation with data from your LCA project. Optimise and find the most sustainable and cost-efficient solutions.

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Circularity assessment

Optimise the material flows and end-of-life circularity. Design for disassembly.

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Infrastructure Carbon & LCA

Quantify the environmental impacts of your infrastructure project. Achieve certification credits with compliance add-ons (CEEQUAL, PAS 2080, Envision).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform an LCA if I don't have any material quantities?
Yes the Building LCA tool allows you to perform life cycle assessments at any design stage. When no material quantities are available you can generate your own using the Carbon Designer add-on. The only things you need to know are building type, gross floor area, and number of floors. The rest you can either customize or use default values. Carbon Designer will generate shoebox material quantities that can be imported to your LCA model.
I don't have much experience in life cycle assessment, can I still use this tool?
Absolutely yes. The tool is designed to make LCAs as easy as possible so that anyone can perform an LCA. Our offers include trainings and customer support to ensure smooth onboarding and help you at any time. The tool integrates workflows to guide you through each step of the process and our customer support center is full of useful guides and videos, as well as community forums, so that you can reach out to the other users.
Can I optimise cost as well as carbon in my projects?
Yes the Building LCA tool allows you to perform life cycle assessments, and life cycle costing analysis on the same project at the same time. Learn more about our Life-Cycle-Costing add-on here.
Is the tool suited for new construction projects as well as refurbishments?
Yes, it can be used to perform LCA on any project type. For each project and design you can choose the scope you would like to assess so you can perform LCAs for fit outs, refurbishments, new construction or any other project type.
What if I don't know from which manufacturer the materials will come?
This is not a problem, the tool integrates an extensive environmental impact dataset covering all construction product types. We integrate specific manufacturer EPDs but also generic data so that you can always find the right match.
“It works in a cloud which is handy. It has nice visual interpretation of results. Quite substantial database. A lot of default options that can be used like average European transport impact. The input can be uploaded, and the results can be downloaded for further usage.”
Marcin Cierpisz

Project Manager, Sweco Consulting

“Software capabilities allowing to achieve high score under BREEAM International certification are amongst the most valued features.”
Kiril Simbirskij

Head of Buildings Department, UAB Teisingi energetikos sprendimai

“The customer service is amazing! I have had people personally emailing me, setting up personal tutorials to make sure I got up and running. The results are easy to see, understand. “
Rachel Nicely

Sustainable Program Manager, Sustainable Building Partners

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