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Carbon Footprinting – core feature

Calculate and Optimize Building Carbon Footprint Easily

Calculate Building Carbon Footprint from all life-cycle stages and operational emissions. Submit results to get green building certification credits.

What is Building Carbon Footprint?

Building carbon footprint (CO2) is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced throughout the life-cycle of a building. It includes emissions from energy use (operational carbon) and materials (i.e. embodied carbon, capital carbon).

Calculating and optimizing your building carbon footprint makes for better investments in construction projects, helps win new clients and is demanded by regulators and certification schemes.

From Building Carbon Footprint to Life Cycle Assessment

Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA ) acts the industry standard methodology in quantifying the CO2 footprint of a building

By automating LCA calculations, you can get instant access to your Building Carbon Footprint performance. 

Not sure what’s LCA? Read our express guide now.

What can you do with One Click LCA?


use existing design data

Import your design from Revit, IFC (BIM), Excel, IESVE, energy models (gbXML) and other tools.

calculate whole-building carbon footprint Instantly

Generate automated LCA reports from your design data. The Carbon Footprint results are visible in the reports.


design greener

Identify the most impactful and cost efficient carbon reduction measures.

Why choose One Click LCA for your Carbon Footprinting projects?

Easy Web-based Software 

I love this approach… To make LCA as easy as possible.

Petr Lhoták

Green Business Senior Specialist, Skanska, Czech Republic

Connect With Tools You Use

Reliable material emission databse

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More Than Life Cycle Assessment Software

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