Building Circularity – add-on feature

Optimize The Circularity of Materials

Track, quantify and optimize the circularity of materials sourced and used, as well as the end-of-life circularity. Get a holistic picture and a detailed breakdown per material type.

What is Circular Economy?

According to the 2019 Circularity Gap Report, just 9% of the 92.8 billion tonnes of minerals, fossil fuels, metals and biomass that enter the global economy are re-used annually. The climate change calls for the global shift from “Take-Make-Waste” economy to a circular model in order to maximize the use of existing assets.

In the built environment it is meant to be achieved through:

  1. Designing out waste and pollution
  2. Keeping products and materials in use
  3. Regenerating natural systems

Why Circularity Assessment matters?

With your circularity assessment, you can achieve the requirements in HQE Economie Circulaire, London Plan Circularity Statement, Ellen McArthur Foundation Circularity IndicatorsYou can also earn credits in BREEAM Mat 06, Mat 05, Mat 03, and Man 03.

What can you do with Building Circularity?

Building Circularity is an add-on to One Click LCA software. The tool is built based on UKGBC Circular Economy Guidance.


use existing design data

Use same design data from your LCA & LCC calculations. Or import Revit, IFC files.

Choose material sources

Enter percentage of recycled, renewable or reused materials.

Design for Disassembly and for Adapability

Check if the material installation considers Design for Disassembly practices, and adaptable for future use of the building.

Choose end of life process

Select different end of life processes.

Why choose One Click LCA?

Easy Web-based Software 

I love this approach… To make LCA as easy as possible.

Petr Lhoták

Green Business Senior Specialist, Skanska, Czech Republic

Connect With Tools You Use

Reliable material emission databse

Our Customer Success Stories

It works in a cloud which is handy. It has nice visual interpretation of results. Quite substantial database. A lot of default options that can be used like average European transport impact. The input can be uploaded, and the results can be downloaded for further usage.

Capterra review

Marcin Cierpisz

Project Manager, Sweco Consulting

The customer service is amazing! I have had people personally emailing me, setting up personal tutorials to make sure I got up and running. The results are easy to see, understand.

Capterra review

Rachel Nicely

Sustainable Program Manager, Sustainable Building Partners

Software capabilities allowing to achieve high score under BREEAM International certification are amongst the most valued features. Data import from *.IFC file when the file is of appropriate LOD reduce the amount of man-hours needed to complete the project.

Capterra review

Kiril Simbirskij

Head of Buildings Department, UAB Teisingi energetikos sprendimai

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