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Design more circular buildings

With One Click LCA Building Circularity, you can track, quantify and optimise the circularity of materials sourced and used, as well as the end-of-life circularity. Design for disassembly and adaptability.

Develop and communicate a clear strategy to design more circular buildings

Incorporate the following principles of circular economy into your building designs. At the same time, quantify and compare the impacts of your different design choices with the building circularity scores.

A more circular building uses more recycled, renewable or reused resources, and fewer virgin materials. You can decide the sources of the materials easily by entering the recycled, renewable or reused percentages corresponding with a material. This information does not influence the LCA results, but is used to document material circularity.

Select different end-of-life processes. By default, materials will have an end-of-life process assigned. These processes are based on the material type, and you will notice that there will be differences in the end-of-life processes depending on what material options you use.
Consider material installation using Design for Disassembly practices, e.g. using dismountable fasteners instead of glue or if it allows otherwise non-destructive removal of the material. Design so that material is adaptable for future changes in the use of the building.

Quantify and assess the circularity of materials in your design with a building circularity score. Compare different design scenarios and find the most circular option.

Useful for BREEAM credits, HQE, and the London Plan

With your circularity assessment, you can comply with the requirements of HQE Economie Circulaire, the London Plan Circularity Statement and the Ellen McArthur Foundation Circularity Indicators. You can also earn credits in BREEAM Mat 06, and Man 03.

More circular design, less whole life carbon

See the direct impacts of your circular designs on a building’s life cycle carbon.

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Circular Economy and Building Circularity Tool

Get an overview of Circular Economy in construction and see a demo of One Click LCA Building Circularity tool.

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