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Use One Click LCA for all environmental impact calculations of your sustainable construction projects, and ecodesign purposes.

Easy Web-Based tool for Life Cycle Assessment. Life Cycle Costing. And more


Life Cycle Assessment

LCA should not be difficult and time consuming

Forget endless spreadsheet, outdated software. Start automate LCA. All you need is your existing design data. We got you covered with a verified, constantly updated LCA database. You can deliver a standardized LCA in just an hour with One Click LCA.

Life Cycle Costing

Why optimize only building’s environmental impacts, when you can also reduce its lifetime cost

Use the same data from your LCA calculation to get immediate Life Cycle Costing report on the Cost structure. Optimize and find the most ecological and cost-efficient solution.

Early Design Optimization

Only if you can create baseline designs in minutes…

Yes you can! One Click LCA is the only life cycle metrics software that allows you to create baseline design, get early stage LCA, compare and optimize in minutes.

See it for yourself

14 days free trial. No credit card required. Easy set up.

Team up with your favorite design software

Import data from Excel-file, Revit, BIM, IESVE and many other tools to get a standard-based LCA in just minutes.

Ready results for your local Green Building Certification application

One Click LCA is the highest rated LCA tool for BREEAM, verified by BRE with 100% Mat 01 rating. The software supports all BREEAM schemes: BREEAM UK, BREEAM NOR, BREEAM SE, BREEAM NL, BREEAM ES, BREEAM DE.

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