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One Click LCA for Buildings and Infrastructure projects

Explore One Click LCA project-level tools that help you perform Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, design low-carbon and more circular projects, and achieve green building certifications. Choose a tool below to read more.

Easy web-based tool for Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, and more

Building Life Cycle Assessment

CORE PLATFORM – Whole life carbon and eco-design


Forget endless spreadsheets, outdated software. Start automate LCA.

Get instant life cycle assessment. Design low-carbon structures and specify materials for procurement.


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Compliance tools


Get tailored results for the certification schemes you pursue.

Choose your certification scheme and see how many credits you can get with One Click LCA.

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Circularity Assessment

ADD-ON: Building Circularity

Track, quantify and optimize the circularity of materials sourced and used, as well as the end-of-life circularity.

Get a holistic picture and a detailed breakdown per material type.

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Early Design Optimization

ADD-ON: Carbon Designer

Create a reference building with basic massing parameters.

Optimize early design to reduce significant embodied carbon.


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Infrastructure LCA

ADD-ON: Infra Carbon & LCA

Quantify the environmental impacts of your infrastructure project

Complies with CEEQUAL, Envision, PAS 2080.


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Life Cycle Costing

 ADD-ON: Life Cycle Costing

Use the same data from your LCA calculation to get an immediate Life Cycle Costing report on the cost structure.

Optimize and find the most ecological and cost-efficient solution.


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