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Get up to 15 credits in BREEAM ES

Get full LCA reports tailored to BREEAM ES.
Submit results and earn Mat 01 and many more credits.

The only 100% rated BREEAM LCA software

BRE has awarded One Click LCA with 100% quality score. Read the official letter of approval from BREEAM.

 The only software delivers 16 credits

Rated the highest performing by BRE for four times in a row

Delivers the exemplary credit from Mat 01 in BREEAM ES Impactos del ciclo de vida, Opción 2, ACV. 

How many BREEAM ES Credits can I get with One Click LCA?

BREEAM scheme Credit potential Mat 01 Mat 02 Mat 06 Man 02 Man 03 Ene 04
BREEAM ES NC 2015 15 7 4 3 1
BREEAM ES Vivienda 7,5 5+1 1,5
BREEAM ES Urbanismo 2012 3 3*

***Refers to RE 05 Materiales de bajo impacto ambiental

**This is according to the newest scheme, in previous versions the number and the credits for this category might be different. For example, in BREEAM International 2013 it was MAN 05.

*This refers to the credit RES 01 “Materiales de bajo impacto ambiental”

Credits subject to project constraints. One Click LCA Ltd accepts no responsibility for omissions or errors in the above data.

In addition of the LCA credit itself, the software supports several other credits in the BREEAM ES Nueva Construcción, BREEAM ES Vivienda, and BREEAM ES Urbanismo schemes for a maximum of 16 credits:

  • GST 3 Impactos de las zonas de obras
  • GST 5 Coste del ciclo de vida y planificación de la vida útil
  • ENE 4 Tecnologías bajas en carbono o de cero carbono
  • MAT 1 Impactos del ciclo de vida
  • MAT 5 Diseño orientado a la protección contra el impacto
  • RES 1 Materiales de bajo impacto ambiental

Credits refer to the BREEAM ES Nueva Construcción, and they vary in Vivienda. The solution also allows users to comply with VERDE NE credits “B 01 Uso de energía no renovable en los materiales de construcción” & “C 20 Impacto de los materiales de construcción distintos del consumo de energía”, and tracks the embodied impacts of the construction materials in an easy to use way. It also supports up to three (3) credits in BREEAM ES Urbanismo RES 1 “Materiales de bajo impacto ambiental”.

Get BREEAM ES Credits In 3 Steps


Import existing design data

Import the buildings’ energy performance, and the Bill of Materials from building models.

Get LCA reports for BREEAM

Uploaded design data is automatically transformed to LCA report that is ready for your BREEAM application.

Design greener for more credits

Analyse the LCA results to identify the hot spots.  Find improvement opportunities to deliver even better project.

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Why Choose One Click LCA For BREEAM ES?

Easy Web-based Software

Simple navigation. No download or installation required

One Click LCA delivered the maximal 6+1 credits for BREEAM LCA. The software is really easy to use and does not require special expertise. I am happy to recommend it.
Riina Salomaa

Project Engineer, Optiplan Oy, Finland

Connect with Tools you already use

Import data from Excel-file, Revit, BIM, IESVE and many other tools to get a standards-based LCA in just minutes.

Comes with your local database

One Click LCA has thousands of EPDs in its database, in addition to generic materials and a localization mechanism approved by BRE to ensure compliant results.

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