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BREEAM Case Study with IKEA

Mat 01 credits Made Easy with One Click LCA

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Project: IKEA Convenience Center

IKEA Convenience Center, Poland, 27 408 m2

  • Investor: IKEA Centers Polska SL
  • Type: New construction
  • Certification: BREEAM International New Construction 2013 (currently at design stage)
  • One Click LCA Expert: JW+A
  • One Click LCA used for: LCA analysis, 91,4% of points achieved within the scope of Mat01 calculator

One Click LCA was used by JW+A for Life-Cycle Assessment calculations. This new IKEA building is located in Poznan, Poland. The assessed building consists of 2 floors, with a ground floor dedicated to retail and a first floor dedicated to office functions. The usable area of the whole building is over 27 000 m2.

Photo by Sam Greenhalgh. Not the actual building, details are confidential at this stage.

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