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of a zero-carbon future

“We have a young and vibrant work environment with colleagues from all over the world, united by our passion for sustainability. It has been refreshing to work in a company culture that not only preaches its values but also follows up with them, to make sure that our products help make the world decarbonized.”

Aswathy – QA Team Lead

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“I joined One Click LCA because I want to work in sustainability and to feel I’m making a difference in the world. The team at One Click LCA genuinely cares about the state of the planet and, by extension, about one another.”

Dave – Business Development Manager, UK

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“I have found working at One Click LCA where every day I am able to help our customers (and colleagues) reduce the impact they are having on the construction industry, to ensure a bright future for the next generations.”

Steven, Community Manager, Finland

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“I can collaborate with the most amazing team of software developers, become friends with people from various cultural backgrounds, grow professionally by taking advantage of learning opportunities provided by my employer.
And I am not going to lie: it feels good to be a superhero ;)”

Anna, Software Developer, Finland

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Our purpose is to power the makers of a zero-carbon future. This is a legally binding part of our company’s articles of association.

The global building stock is set to double by 2060, causing unprecedented demand for raw materials and associated carbon emissions.

This is why we focus on decarbonizing building, construction and manufacturing industries, responsible for half of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

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How we do this?
We train, equip and support the makers of a zero-carbon future to tackle low-carbon design, planning, manufacturing, and procurement using life-cycle assessment to achieve zero.

This is how we do it:

  • Offering free training in life-cycle assessment via One Click LCA Academy.
  • Providing software tools to decarbonize any project or product anywhere in the world.
  • Creating free resources and policy tools to power all the makers of a zero-carbon future.

We aim to power one million users by 2035.

How we live our purpose in our work?
Maximising our decarbonization impacts:

  • We train tens of thousands of people for free annually via One Click LCA Academy.
  • We provide One Click LCA Planetary, a free embodied carbon software accessible to all.
  • We author free policy papers and best practice guidelines for governments and businesses

Supporting decarbonization outside our direct business:

  • We invested over 150 000 EUR in creating a surplus construction materials marketplace business to reduce site wastage and advanced regulations supporting this activity.
  • We have invested 150 000 EUR in constructing new primary wind power in Finland.
  • In 2021, we donated 50 000 EUR to a number of sustainability NGOs to power their work.

Minimizing our internal carbon impacts:

  • We’re a proud signatory of the World Green Building Council Net Zero commitment and shall achieve zero carbon facilities by 2030.
  • We’ve invested in primary wind power generation capacity to power our entire operations.
  • We minimize travel emissions by supporting remote work and encouraging public transport.
  • We do not serve meat in any company events or dinners and use plant-based milk
  • We operate a paperless business.


  • A supportive, highly expert, and friendly team of colleagues.
  • A great deal of autonomy and freedom; you can get done what needs to get done.
  • Low hierarchy and an open flow of information.
  • Our team is highly international and represents well over 30 nationalities.
  • We work on the same mission together with our customers to create a zero-carbon future.


This is how we work here, what we expect from our colleagues and what you can expect from us.

  • Care for colleagues and customers – If a colleague or a customer is in trouble or is not fairly treated, we help out or take it up.
  • Share for team growth success – We help the team grow and succeed by sharing the big picture and our knowledge openly
  • Be clear, direct, and honest – We communicate clearly, honestly, and in a straightforward manner and keep the focus on the essentials
  • Take ownership and deliver end results – We take ownership of issues and ensure end results are delivered, not just doing our bit.
  • Set clear targets and follow through – We are clear on responsibilities, goals, and deadlines, we deliver and check up on results.
  • Be a changemaker for the better – We strive to improve things in our work.

We implement our values in our performance assessments, promotions, and compensation.

Future Workplaces is a certification granted to workplaces, where company culture is led with exceptional employee insight.

One Click LCA was certified as the Future Workplace in 2023 by Siqni.

Our Perks

Meaningful impacts

Your work contributes to a more sustainable future.

Substantial freedom

No fixed hours and remote working is supported.

Competitive compensation & bonus

We take care of our colleagues as much as we can.

Paid holiday leave: 20 - 30 days/year

We believe employees need quality time to unplug and recharge for their own well-being and satisfaction.

Personal development budget

Yearly development talk with a concrete plan and budget for you to develop your knowledge and skills.

Company events

It’s a great chance to meet your colleagues from around the world every year.

Why Join Us?

Think Green

At One Click LCA we are deeply committed to making the world a greener place, and we like to think big. Are you one of us?


We promise to boost your creativity spirit and motivate you to conquer new horizons. Don’t stop at the top!


We have a serious cause, but we know how to have fun and reward our employees.

What our colleagues have said about us

About One Click LCA


One Click LCA Ltd are the developers of One Click LCA, the world-leading construction sector carbon reduction platform. We have been in business since 2001 and the software is used in over 150 countries. We value customer success, integrity, curiosity, and excellence. Our growing team consists of more than 30 nationalities, based in 30+ countries.

Founded in 2001                                                                              Coworkers 170+