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Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program

whole building embodied carbon profiling

Originally published in the IOP Conference Series Earth and Environmental Science.

Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program – whole building embodied carbon profiling

This article, written in September 2019, shares the preliminary results of the Carbon Heroes Benchmark program. It describes the design of the data collection procedure, the assumptions in the organization of data, and the challenges encountered in the program.

We know we need to reduced the embodied carbon of buildings – but doing so requires two things:

  1. A better understanding of the life cycle impacts of the materials used in those buildings
  2. An understanding of how the building stock varies across geographies and building types.

The Carbon Heroes Benchmark program is a collaborative initiative which aims to address this need by carbon profiling by building type across different countries. With the goal of creating uniform, life-cycle materials benchmarks for common building types using One Click LCA.

This article shares the preliminary findings of the project, based on 659 verified buildings (February 2019 cut-off), with substantial datasets for many European countries for some of the most common building types.

All data used in the program is rigorously anonymized. The program implements the EN 15978/ISO 21930 standards as the basis of measurement, and includes life-cycle stages A1-A3, A4, B4-B5, and C1-C4.

The Carbon Heroes Benchmark program runs in cooperation with Green Building Council Ireland, Green Building Council Italia, Green Building Council Hungary, Dutch Green Building Council, Romanian Green Building Council and Norwegian government real estate organization Statsbygg.

This article was first published in the IOP Conference Series Earth and Environmental Science.


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